Spectrum x Mean girls! First look. Promo code!

Spectrum collection is a uk site that sells makeup brushes! I already have there 30 piece set and love there brushes!

They are releasing new brushes on the 30th of august! Mean girls!

In the collection it includes a 10-piece brush set (£49.99), a 10-piece brush set with the Burn Book (£79.99) and a full-size Burn Book able to hold up to 40 bushes (£49.99),brushes not included.

I know I defiantly will be getting the brush book that can hold up to 40 brushes and then mabey the brushes separate as I have been looking for something to store my brushes in for a long time and this will be perfect!

If anyone wants a discount code to save for the day, 15% off! For your first order!

Spectrum also said there will be more stuff to follow in the mean girls collection!

Anyone else excited for this release?!

Thankyou for reading

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Laurakate xxx


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