Deck Of Scarlet Subscription Box Review! 

So I recently came across a USA subscription box set called Deck of scarlet. I really liked the concept instead of a box with 4 or 5 sample products this was a eyeshadow palette, with a highlighter, blush and two lipstick pans. Also it comes with one or two add one. This month it was a lip crayon. 

I was in two minds of purchasing as it is from the USA and I live in the uk but because there was a promo code I decided to take the plunge! 

Firstly you pay $29.95 and receive a palette every two months! Each palette will be different! The shipping time was great only took about a week and there was no import charges which is always a plus! 

So let’s have a look at the palette! 

It’s stunning right! Firstly it came in a box. Then in a sleeve. The palette it self is so good as it’s split into two. So you can have the eyeshadow part open and the lip part shut. The purples and gold tones are just gorgeous! 

I used all 3 purples in the crease, the gold tone on my lid. The purple blush slightly on my cheeks. The lip crayon which is like a brown.  Also I used the highlighter but seems I’m pale it looked to dark on my skin so I had to blend it allot. The pigmentation is amazing was very easy to use and work with. There was hardly any fall out! The product  doesn’t appear to be cheap at all. 

I then tried the lipstick that came in the lip pan, the colour it’s self Isnt one I would use again but it is full coverage and feels great on the lips. I also put a tad bit of clear translucent powder over the top to matte it down and it lasted a long time! 

Overall I really like this palette! I would love to keep subscribing! 

Thankyou for reading. 

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Laurakate xxx 

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