Jouer Anniversary Liquid Lip Review. 

As soon as I seen Jouer we’re releasing 6 liquid lipsticks for there anniversary I knew I had to get them! I was a little bit hesitant due to the shades but I already own about 4 of there liquid mattes which I love so I ordered the collection from Beautylish

I love the jouers packing I think it looks elegant. They liquid mattes swatches beautifully, the shades guava and cayenne which are two out of the three metallic shades, swatches lightly more sheer.
First shade is mure – a pink voilet.

I am not a pink girl. Like not at all. But I love this shade I think it’s just so pretty and girly and cute, mabey because it had more a voilet tone and not completely Barbie pink that makes me like it. When the sun is shinning I will definitely putting this shade on!  

Next is Rose – champagne mauve with a metallic finish. 

I don’t normally go for metallic shades but again I think this one is a gorgeous pink with a golden tone, I think it’s classy and will wear this in the summer. Only 1 coat needed very pigmented. 

Next is blush – it’s a blush pink with a matte finish.

If you have read my other blogs you know I preface Mavue shades and allot darker nudes like Katvond Lolita, Jeffree star Gemini/androdngy but I think am starting to fall in love with shades like this. A gorgeous blush pink an everyday shade perfect all year round. 

Next is cayenne – it’s a warm cranberry with a metallic finish.

This shade was a little bit more sheer it needed two coats in total. I do like It but I feel like it washes me out so I would need to bronze up quite abit when I wear it next. 

Next is rayanne – This is a grey mauve. 

Here is another shade I really like for everyday use, it’s a lighter mavue shade than I would usual go for but its still very beautiful. 

Last is guava – coral rose with a metallic finish.

This is the only shade I don’t like, it took two coats but it just didn’t sit right, I felt like the formulation was different. When it dried it was flakey and went patchy quite quickly. 

Overall I really like these colours and will be wearing most of them a lot. The jouer liquid mattes are very good they don’t flake or feather. Very pigmented and last for a long time. The only exception for me is guava.

Thanks for reading. 

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