Katvond Metal Matte; First Impressions.

I have wanted this palette since it came out but it sold out so fast! I was lucky enough to find it threw a link and Blogged about it been available at Debenhams. 

The packaging is gorgeous just like all of katvond products. 

Swatches of the metal shadows. 

The metal shadows are beautiful and all swatches perfectly. They palette comes with 9 shadows. The blue, nebula is stunning and calling my name I will definitely be trying that next! 

Next is the matte shadows.

There is 13 matte shades, the only shade that didn’t swatch well was ribbon but I used it and I really liked it. 

I did a quick look, but only the purples really called to me at first. 

(Liquid matte is Jouer – rayanne)

Up to now I really like this palette, they all swatched well apart from one, ribbon but I used it and it blended well and was easy to use. They are highly pigmented and there was hardly any fallout. I carnt wait to try this palette again there is so many different looks you can do with it! For £50 and you get 22 shadows I think it is well worth the money! 

Thanks for reading!

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Laurakate xxx

17 thoughts on “Katvond Metal Matte; First Impressions.

  1. This palette looks incredible thanks for the wonderful review, I wish they re-released it, this time permanently! 😦 love the eye makeup look and absolutely LOVE your hair girl! I tried doing something similar recently…it was sadly a fail. I’m so glad I found your blog, I blog over at anobsessionconfession.wordpress.com too, feel free to take a look love xx

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  2. I LOVE all of Kat Von D’s packaging. It makes all the difference when even the packaging is gorgeous. 🙂 The colors in this palette are beautiful. They’re not ones that I wear, but I am willing to change that just to get my hands on this palette! Thank you for the review and for the swatches. Glad you were able to get your hands on it!

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