Blackmoon Cosmetics Liquid Matte Review. 

I have been stalking Blackmooncosmstics instagram for ages and as soon as I seen there cosmic eye dust ( late to the game only seen a month ago!) I knew I had to get them!

I will be reviewing them hopefully next week!

When I went to there Website there gorgeous liquid matte lipsticks caught my eye and what’s even better they have quite a few bundles on sale! I got there Nude bundle it cost $75 which came with 5 liquid mattes. I also picked up the shade wrath by it self because basically it looked gorgeous!

The packing, and the tubes the lipstick comes in are very pretty and totally my style.

Left to right – wrath, willow, dusk, libra, gloom, mourning.

So onto the swatches!

The formula is amazing, it glides on smoothly, there is no cracking or feathering! It doesn’t take long to dry down fully and it does not budge! I wore wrath for 8 hours and reapplied 2 times, the first time was after 2 hours because I ate and even then it only came of bottem lip on the middle. 4 hours after that I reapplyed again but all over even thought it didn’t really need touching up. It is highly pigmented and only really needs one coat.

First mourning , a light cool nude.

I don’t normally like colours like this on me as I think they wash me out but I seriously love this shade on me!

Next up is gloom, it’s a grey, beige with a touch of pink.

This is another shade that I seriously love it’s so pretty and I normally wouldn’t go for something so light!

Next is Libra, perfect balance of beige, brown, gray, and pink.

Here is another shade that I wouldn’t normally wear but I love this as well I personally think it has allot more brown in it compared to the other two.

Next up is dusk, a true terracotta.

Another gorgeous shade for me I would wear this everyday I prefer darker shades. Again this formula is amazing it is very drying but I use Mabel & meg lumilixir serum before I apply the liquid lipstick.

The last of the bundle is willow, a true terracotta with a little bit of brown. 

This is slightly more brown than I prefare but I still really like it! Again this formula is really good and not to drying!

Last but not least the one I bought by it self and my overall favourite wrath, mauve with a hint of pink and a touch of brown.

If you have read my blog before you would know, Lolita(katvond) and androdngy(Jeffreestar) are my favourite liquid mattes and both are mauve shades and I think wrath just made it to my top 3 fav liquid mattes! It’s just such a pretty colour!

Overall I love these liquid mattes and will defiantly be getting some more from blackmoon cosmetics, they are on the mousse-thicker consistency side which makes just one coat of it perfect on your lips. They are extremely pigmented and don’t feather or bleed. Check out my last Blog on my blackmoon haul! Blackmoon was really helpful and marked down my parcel so I only paid a small amount on import tax compared to what I should of paid!

Eyeshadow is Smashbox bold palette.

Thanks for reading.

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Laurakate xxx

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