Black Moon Cosmetics Haul! 

I have been stalking Blackmoon cosmetics website and Instagram for some time now, I loved there shades of liquid mattes, but it’s when I saw all the pictures of the cosmetic eye dust I just knew I had to try this brand out!

 As I live in the uk I was worried about the important tax so I shot them an email and they said they always mark it down to help customers who live outside the USA! I spend $188 which is about £150, and I was charged £11 import tax which is amazing I should of been charged about £50! They had marked it down to say I only spent $20. I am so happy that a company has gone out of there way to help people who get hit hard with import tax! 

Ok so on to the goodies, I ordered the cosmetic eye dust vault. The ultimate nude bundle liquid matte, and then 1 extra liquid matte in shade wrath! 

It came in a huge box, all perfectly wrapped. 

I carnt wait to get started and use all of them, think I will do swatches and then do a full blog on the nude bundle! 

Have any of you used this brand? Thanks for reading! 

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Laurakate xxx

11 thoughts on “Black Moon Cosmetics Haul! 

  1. I have never heard of this brand. Going to look into them! Love the packaging! I’m glad they worked with you on the import tax. It’s really ridiculous how much extra you have to pay to enjoy products that aren’t sold in your country.

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  2. I had no idea they mark down their import tax for customers! I’ll need to remember that for the next time I order! I have the old formula of their liquid lipstick shades Wrath and Libra, some of their newer shades look amazing though. I really want to try them!

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