Abh Moonchild Vs Katvond Alchemist 

My favourite highlighter palette is the Anastasia Beverly Hills moonchild and it has been for some time I love the way it’s a duo chrome/holograph – metallic finish. 

So when I seen that Kat was bringing out Alchemist palette. I knew I had to get it, I was slightly worried that it would just be the same as the Abh palette but I got it anyways! 

So down to the nitty gritty. First up the Abh moonchild. 

I love this palette it is my favourite for highlighting it’s the one I always grab it’s honestly stunning. 

Next up is the katvond alchemist palette. 

I also really like this palette I think it’s so pretty but very similar to the Abh, this palette does not have any glitter.  

Abh purple horse is a lavender colour but has blue reflects in it, it is also slightly darker. 

The only difference between these two shades is the Abh has sliverly glitter in it. 

Neither of these two shades have any glitter in them so I would consider them exact dupes. 

Overall the Abh has 6 highlighters and the kvd has only 4. Abh palette is allot larger as well. They are both highly pigmented. I personal think if you already own the Abh palette you do not need the kvd one unless you are a total makeup addict like me which I am sure you are if you reading this! As you can see from the pictures there is 3 very close colours that are basically dupes. But for the price of both palettes I think it is well worth the money just getting the Abh moonchild.

Thanks for reading! 

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Laurakate xxx 

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