Katvond New Nude Liquid Lipsticks! ðŸ’„

I already own 3 katvond liquid lipsticks, and one is lolita which is my favourite liquid lipstick shade ever! So when I saw that kat was bringing 6 new nude shades out I knew I had to get the asap! I got them from Sephora it took about 6 days to receive them which is pretty fast. (I live in uk). 

I love the katvond packing I think it’s so sleek.

I have done a swatches including Lolita and Lolita ll, Lolita is just slightly lighter than hawkwind. 

I have wore all of them in my lips and I found that the two lightest shades muneca and Ophelia needed at least 3 coats and they were very sheer! I feel like they wash me out but I will try them again with different looks. 

Sorry really bad lighting! I am in love with the last 3 shades! Sanctuary and hawkwind are amazing and only took 1 coat they are totally my new favourite shades, mind I will always love lolita! Crucifix is also a gorgeous shade but it is very dark so I wouldn’t wear it all the time. 

Overall I do love the new nude shades I’m not sure if I would wear muñeca often as I feel like it washes me out but I will try it again very soon! 
Which shade do you like the best? 

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Laurakate xxx

22 thoughts on “Katvond New Nude Liquid Lipsticks! ðŸ’„

  1. Just looking at your swatches. I’m instantly drawn to Ophelia, hawkwind and sanctuary. However my lips are naturally super pigmented (they are the color of the original Lolita). So I’m wondering if I will have issues with it being too sheer. I love nudes. Especially brown nudes! Kat Vin D had one of the best liquid lipstick formulas!

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    1. Ophelia was very sheer on me to full cover my lips it took 3 coats! I don’t know if I have liked a bad one but I was shocked. Hawkwind and sanctuary only took 1 coat and I love them shades! They are deffo my fav 2 out of the lot! Xx

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    1. I paid £127 for all 6 shades Sephora include the import tax so you don’t pay any thing extra when it’s in uk. If I waited till may to get from Debenhams would of cost £102 for all 6 so I have paid like £20 more to get them 4 months early! I think it’s worth it if you really want it! I buy from Sephora quite allot xx


    1. Thankyou! Well Sephora included the import tax which I love as much easier for all 6 shades it cost £127 all in If I waited till may for to get all 6 from Debenhams would of cost £102 so av paid £20 more really I think it’s worth it if you really want something man xx

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