Arctic fox review!Ā 

I have had my hair brown and teal for quite a while now over a year it was a root stretch but I have been letting my hair grow for over a year so it’s now more of a dip dye/ the bottem half is teal. I normally dye the teal every 2 months and use the Rusk deepshine direct colour in teal.  I recently decided to try Arctic fox after I seen them on Instagram. The pictures looked amazing, bright and vibrant. The RUSK brand I use was washing out very fast and was dull after only a few washes. 

Before using Rusk.

After using Arcticfox.

I used the shade Aquamarine, arctic fox do ship to the uk but they also sell on there Amazon page. 

I used gloves, and just applied it straight onto my hair, it has major stain power and I got a little on my neck and has took a while to come of. I left it on my hair for about 30 minutes. The second picture is after about 5 washes and you can see that it still looks amazing and very bright! I really recommend this hair dye! 

Thankyou for reading! 

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Laurakate xxx

23 thoughts on “Arctic fox review!Ā 

  1. Next time you dye your hair and get any one your neck or hands(like me usually) try using coconut oil. Rub it on the skin let it sit for a little bit not enough to soak in so maybe a minute or less. Then you can take a warm wet cloth and wipe off most if not all the color on your skin. If you have a little left when you shower or wash your hair next use some shampoo on it and all the color will be gone. Love the post by the way.

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  2. That color looks so good with your complexion. I work with a girl who colors her hair in all these beautiful colors and I’m so envious. My hair has been almost all colors of the rainbow when I was younger; can’t pull it off now. Love it, along with your makeup!

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    1. I felt like I tired everything even nail varnish remover šŸ™ˆ but what I found to work was the pixi glow tonic with a Cotten pad only reason I tried that as after I took my makeup of I always use the pixi glow tonic it really works well! I still feel like my neck get stained after a couple days when I wake up and then I just use the tonic again šŸ˜† xx

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    1. Well I had a root stretch so all my hair was bleached apart from about 3-4 inches from the top it’s just grew out, I got the bleach done at hair dressers over a year ago I had to get it bleached in 2 sessions but only a day apart hairdressers just put a good conditioner all over my hair and I left it in for about 12 hours so my hair wasn’t damaged, then the teal put over the top , thankyou!

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