Katvond Pastel Goth Palette Review πŸŒˆπŸ–€

I got the Katvond pastel goth palette from Londonlovesbeauty. I felt like I was taking a risk as I do love bright colours but I have never used pastel shades. I used it as soon as it arrived and have done two different looks with it and I can honestly say I love this palette! 

Firstly the packing is gorgeous! Just like all of kats makeup packing it’s totally my style. The eyeshadows look gorgeous although I wish there was a pale pink or a rose shade but apart from that I was very happy. I even really love the light grey. 

The first look I did I tried to use allot of colours and I think it looks so pretty. Kind of rainbow effect. 

I used quite a few shades in this look there is quite allot of powder comes out of the pan when your using a brush but I didn’t find to have allot of fall out when applying to my eyes. Even thought its pastel colours I found if you pack it on it really brightens and intensifies the look. I’m also wearing hawkwind kats new shade on my lips (which I love). 
The second look I wanted to make it slightly darker so I stuck with the green, blue, grey on the lid and the darker purple on the lower lash line. 

I struggled to get a good picture of the eyes in good lighting but I think I acctaly prefer this look the grey on the lids just really pulled the whole look together. I am wearing Kat Von d Crucifix on my lips. 
Overall I am very happy with palette, I have found all katvond palettes eyeshadows to be great and always have great pigment and are easy to blend. I wish there was a few more pastel shades but apart from that I love this palette and will be using it often. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Laurakate xxx

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