Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced Power Of Makeup Review! 

I got this palette in the Debenhams sale when my makeup ban was first lifted but haven’t got round to playing with it till now. I think I got caught up in the hype because I do not love it. 

I think I had very high expectations and some shades are good but the two shades I was drawn to the most which is the dark green ( mystic hour) and the purple (wham bam) just weren’t good a think you can find cheaper palettes with better pigment for the price. 

When I get a new palette I try to use as many colours as I can so I used ivy all over my lid which I liked as a base. I then used the light brown painkiller in the crease and then to intensive I used the darker brown makeup & chill. Which I really liked and will use again. I packet mystic hour onto the lid and blended upwards but I just don’t think it had the colour pay of that I wanted. The purple wham bam I used on the lower lash line again it just wasn’t the pay of I wanted. 

The contour shade chocolate soleil isn’t the right shade for me but I would use it on my eyes, I really like the champagne truffle for a highlighter but I would only use it when I was a very very subtle highlighter. 

Jeffree star Gemini on my lips. 

After this I ended up using the Jeffree star beauty killer to brighten up my eyes and intensive the colour.  

I personally prefer this eye look as the purple is brighter and the eyeshadow has more teal in it. 

The left is mystic hour on lids and right is Jeffree stars expensive. 

But as you can see in above picture mystic hour looks like it would be a gorgeous dark teal not a weird grey black like it does on my eyes. 

I do like the palette and don’t want to get caught up with the 2 shades I didn’t like as I think the palette is very handy as it has a highlighter, contour and blushes. I will still use the palette for some of the shades. 

I’m in love with the purple mascara, I already love the better than sex mascara, so I knew I would love the purple I know I won’t use it allot but to nice to have. I haven’t used the glitter yet but I will because I love abit of glitter. 

Anyways thankyou for reading check out my Instagram.

Laura Kate xxx

10 thoughts on “Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced Power Of Makeup Review! 

  1. Have heard the palette wasn’t that good, but you still managed to create a nice look I think. Perhaps not as dramatic as you would have liked, but you still worked it 🙂

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  2. I’ve seen so many disappointing reviews for this palette. I think everyone thought “wow toofaced and Nikki together , it’s gonna be awesome” and it was such a letdown.
    As Amberphillipstemple said I expected more of both parties and maybe they relied on this to sucker us into buying it 😒

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    1. Yeah I totally agree too faced are amazing and I love there eyeshadow palettes so this is a shocker that it’s just Crap, I will still use for s few shades otherwise it’s just a waste of money they obv rushed it for to excited for the colab rather than the product xx

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  3. I find that those two shades look better if I apply them with my fingers versus the brush. That’s the only way I can get any pigment out of this palette. But, I don’t really like doing that so I don’t use this palette often. I agree the highlighter is nice, but I wouldn’t recommend this palette to anyone. I expected more out of Nikki.

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