Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review! 

I got the Urban decay full spectrum palette for Christmas of my husband. I was so happy as I love colourful eyeshadow and I love urban decay. 

I have only just got a round to playing with it, and I wanted to use as many colours as I could so decided to use at least two shades on one eye and then the other eye would have at least two different shades as well.  

Lipstick is – Huda beauty – medusa

Lipstick is – Jeffree star unicorn blood.

I love urban decay eyeshadows so I had high expectations for this palette but I do not love it. It’s a shame really as some of the  eyeshadows are amazing and highlighly pigmented but others and completely rubbish no pigmentation and took a long time to blend out. I also felt like I was just packing the eyeshadow on and on and there was no colour pay off which is such a shame because it’s not like it’s a cheap palette. I expected allot more for what it is worth. 

The Nyxs ultimate brights palette is less than half the price and is a million times better. The pigmentation is amazing and super easy to blend and hardly and fall out. 

I do like the packaging of the urban decay palette but the small rectangles are annoying I would much prefer less eyeshadows and bigger pans to work with. 


Here are the swatches of the 3 rows, to be honestly there was only 4 that didn’t swatch well. In the end of my eye look I used 6 of the shadows I only liked two and even then it took me quite a while to blend and I had to pack allot on. 

I will use this palette again as I only used 6 shades out of 21 and I don’t want to give up and just put in a draw and forget about it and in the end the palette still worked it just took more time and effort but if I had to choose a colourful eyeshadow palette for a quick look I wouldn’t choose this I would grab my NYX or Viseart bright matte palette

Anyone love the urban decay full spectrum palette? 

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Laurakate xxx

11 thoughts on “Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review! 

      1. We actually have a policy that says “we cannot wear perfume or fake nails or distracting makeup”. Lol Idk if I could do a look that’s not distracting with this palette. Haha

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