Makeup Ban Lifted!

In september i did a post saying i had put my self on a 2 month makeup ban but had already done a month by the time i posted it, well now december is almost over and i havnt bought any makeup up unitl the other day my makeuo ban lated for 5 months!
5 months no buying any makeup! to be honest it was depressing at first but i was doing it because i wanted a break. It helped me keep of my phone, i wasnt on instagram as much, or filling up baskets online of all the makeup i wanted. It was theraputic in a way. I didnt do any blogs even thougnt i said i would as i just didnt want to or feel the need to. But now i have lifted the ban and have a couple if new things.
Im really looking forward to creating some new looks and writing blogs again!
So is there anything new in makeup that i just have to get?!

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Ban Lifted!

  1. You ask the question. “Is there anything new that you just have to have?” Oh you have no idea,,,lol. Well you actually waited for the perfect time because now all of the holiday sales are still going on. Check out Nordstrom for their 40% off MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Sets. I picked up three,,,, from MAC’s website. They still have a few as well. Here are the links to both. Have fun getting back in the game!


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