Redbubble band/film/tv series tshirts + plus size! 

Hi everyone so this is a different kind of blog for me today, I recently came across a website called Redbubble!

Basically it’s artists or anyone who puts designs on the website, the company then prints them lots of styles of tshirts, iPhone cases, pillows, laptop covers the list goes on. Also the artists get paid everytime somebody uses there design which is amazing I wish I could draw or use photoshop! 

Anyways I am a totally a skinny jeans, band tshirt, vans and either a leather jacket or bomber girl. I’m also plus size and I think fashion sucks in the uk and it’s hard to find the style tshirts I like! So when I came across redbubble it was like I died and went to heaven! The first tshirts I got was hocus pocus and stranger things! 

They have a load of different tshirt style, some go all the way up to a 3xl! They do jackets and hoodies which arnt really my thing but I am defiently going to be getting so many more tshirts! Also there customer service is amazing when I first ordered I clicked the wrong size, when I asked about returning they sent me out the correct one and said give the other one to a friend! So if anyone wants a stranger things tshirt 2xl let me know! 

There is so many tshirt I want so I have saved them in my favourites so I can find them easier for next time here is a few I want to get. They also do kids tshirts that’s why there is faries below ⬇️

Anyway I hope this blog wasn’t to weird and if you anyone likes band/tv series or film and also literally any design could be animals take a look! 

Also I wanted to show a few jackets I got recently which I love which I style with my tshirts, skinny jeans and vans (am boring when it comes to fashion really I prefer to cover my self than show to much skin) 

Asos bomber

New look bomber

Simply be khaki bomber

Simply be red bomber

Asos leather jacket
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Laurakate xxx

5 thoughts on “Redbubble band/film/tv series tshirts + plus size! 

  1. Those jackets are absolutely to die for! I’m sure they look great on you! I also wish I was an artist haha, redbubble looks like a great way to make money doing what you love. Luckily I have some very good artist friends, so I can show this some site! Thanks for sharing x

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  2. I’m on redbubble cause I’m an artist as well and have a little Art business and like being on red bubble to sell my stuff as clothing or prints. 🙂 like your pics and post.

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