2 Month Makeup Shopping Ban! 

So over the past 6 month or so my makeup collection has grew dramatically. I have allot over 7 acrylics boxes full and half the time I struggle to decide what eyeshadow palette to use. Don’t get me wrong a hell of allot of people will have a bigger collection  just I know I have enough to for now. And I made the decision to put my self on a makeup ban for 2 month and not spend a penny. I need to start using the stuff I have more often rather that just keep buying because something new is released!

I think it’s teaching me allot about self control, the last thing I bought was Jeffree stars new highlighters which was on the 10th of August so it has already been a month and am still going strong, don’t get me wrong it’s hard when you see things you have wanted for ages get restocked or something new comes up but am trying not to get caught up on the hype!

So yeah makeup ban 1 month left to go am looking forward to getting something new after the month is up but I’m only going to get something if I really want it now not just because it has been hyped up. The only two things I acctaly want to get is the Tarte shape tape and the cover fx highlighter drops I just hope there in stock once I lift this ban 🙌🏻.

I’m still going to post blogs it will just be more review based or some looks 🙂

Anyone else ever put themselves on a makeup buying ban?

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Laurakate xxx

30 thoughts on “2 Month Makeup Shopping Ban! 

  1. I have it since a few month. No eyeshaadows or make up. No Mascaras or brow pen, Lipstick or whatever. Just bought a Nailpolish the other day but that’s it. I don’t have much at all. Not worth the space but it’s always cool to have something used. So I can buy a new one and feel good. 😍 I love your collection

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  2. I think it is a good idea. it’s about self-control and that’s a good challenge. But also, if you are going to write more reviews it’s going to be great as well. Reviews are great guides on the web!

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  3. I put myself a little makeup ban a few months ago. It really helped me value my purchases. It’s better to wait and get something worth the time than it is to get stuff just because it was “hyped” like you mentioned.

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