August Favourites! 

So these are my favorites of this month. 

Makeupgeek eyeshadows.

I honestly love these shadows I have done two palettes, one for an every day but also mixed it up with some purples, the other are all foiled. The 3 foiled are the ones I used recently. You can get these from beautybay. I have blogged about these shadows before if you want to see close up here is the Link.

I’m using the makeupgeek eyeshadows in the picture above. 

Huda beauty liquid matte medusa

I honestly love this shade it totally me and I would wear this on a day today basis, it is a dusty mavue. I love Huda beauty liquid matte I think there forumla is amazing! I have blogged about them previously Here & Here.

Next up is the Abh moonchild

Honestly hands down my favorite highlighters by far I have blogged about them in the Past. They have a duochrome shimmer effect and don’t appear Powdery at all! They just have such a luminosity and are honestly amazing! 

Tatcha dewy skin mist

I’m in love with this setting spray I have dry skin so I prefare a more dewy look, this works perfect for me and keeps my makeup on all day I do use its as a top up throughout the day if I feel like I need it aswell. 

Next is the La prairie foundation.

Now this is expensive it costs £146 luckily for me my husband bought me it and I absolutely love it it gives amazing coverage and its buildable the applicator is great and the concealer on top works so well in afraid am going to use to much to soon, the concealer is more of a match for the foundation so i use that for everyday but sometimes when I want to brighten the under eye I use a lighter concealer. 

Next up is the Kat von d lock it in concealer.

I love this concealer it’s amazing! It’s about 2 shades lighter than my foundation and really brightens my undereyes, I find it so easy to blend and just works so well for me! (I know it looks super light on my arm but my arms are tanned arm and my face is not!)

Last but not least, Abh dip brow.

I know it sounds daft I have had this for ages but only recently started using it as I didn’t know how to! Well I knew how you apply it but I just didn’t have the nack to do it good , it took practice for me as I already have big brows and I can be heavy handed at times. I don’t use it for everyday but for when I want more of a defined brow for a night out or a special occasion. 

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