Jeffree Star Skin Frosts! 

So I got the 4 new Jeffree star skin frosts. I’m legit addicted to jeffree star cosmetics, I just think his makeup is so good, and his liquid lipsticks are one of my fav brand. 

His highlighters I also love I have his other 4 and I always go backward and forwards from the 4 of them, but I think ice cold is my fav! 

His 4 new shades are stunning it was lavender snow that caught my eye and also deep freeze as it’s an unusual colour. 

First up is Lavender Snow. 

This is such a gorgeous colour! ‘This shade is the colour of frozen lilac petals’ When the highlighter is blended out it acctaly gives more of a silver look with a hint of lavender which is so pretty! The above photo is from my last blog Huda beauty liquid matte review part 2. We’re I am acctaly wearing the lavender snow. 

Next is so fucking gold. 

What can I say except it’s gold. It’s described on the website as different to king tut it’s deeper and more cool toned and I totally is. The 3 together are like bronzey golden goodness 💛💛💛💛. 

Next up is Deep Freeze. 

Deep freeze is basically a blue highlighter ! I think it’s allot like lavender snow due to the fact when it’s blended out it’s more silvery with a tint of blue it’s still in stock on his website and I think that’s more because it’s blue and a bright blue at that! I’m going to try it as an eyeshadow it’s so highly pigmented it could be packed onto the lid I think it’s gorgeous. It also says on his website that you can use it all over the body which is such a great idea and also be used wet or dry! 
Last but not least is dark horse. 

Dark horse I think is so dark for me as I am pale but I got this because I really thought it was beautiful and mabey I will use it on my eyes🙌🏻 jeffrees website describe it as a topaz metal. 
His highlighters are $29 each I feel like they are defiently worth it because you are never going to run out they are huge! Hopefully I will be doing some more looks soon using them! Also great news for us from the uk Beautybay has started selling jeffreestar cosmetic!

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Laurakate xxx

7 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Skin Frosts! 

  1. Thank you SO much for a swatch comparison on the 3 shades of gold! I have been looking to purchase one but couldn’t find any swatch comparisons except the insta video by Jeffree. You definitely helped more so THANK YOUUU!!

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  2. His stuff looks great and these are so beautiful, but I’m just not a fan of him personally.

    Awesome swatches though and that highlight looks stunning on you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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