Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Review Part 2!

So i recently did a blog on my new Huda beauty liquid matte. I order 9 but 3 were in a separate parcel that got lost 😭, Cult beauty were I ordered them from were so good when I contacted them and within 24 hours I had a new parcel send out to me! 

The 3 shades I have to review today are, gossip gurl, flirt and Icon! 

First up Icon!

Icon is a classic peachy pink, it’s not really my colour it’s brighter than what it appears in photos, it’s still really nice and I will wear it again. I’m just still so impressed with the Huda forumla! 

Next up is gossip gurl 

Gossip gurl is an everyday cute pink! To pink for me am not a pink girl but it is very pretty! I might try and do an ombré with a darker colour! 

Next up is flirt 

Flirt is a cheeky brow, I think for me I don’t suit brown! I think it’s pretty and looks ok on the pixi tees I just prefare more mauve. But I highly recommends Huda beauty liquid matte I just think there amazing the forumla is good and they last so long! 

For my eyes I used the Jeffree star beauty killer palette and the abh modern renaissance palette. On the lid i used makeupgeek Also am wearing hypnaughty lashes in addiction.

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Laurakate xxx

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