Hypnaughty Lashes! 

So recently I won a competition with Hypnaughty lashes! I won 5 pairs of lashes and got to choose which ones! I never win any thing so I was so excited. I have followed them on Instagram for a while but never bought any of their lashes before.

Honestly first impressions I was like wow. The packaging is so pretty I think it looks classy. They come in a dark blue box with ribbon inside so you can lift the lashes out. The name of the lashes are on the outside of the box.

They have two collections the silk and mink. And range from $29.99 to $39.99. I think there is still a promo code on for 20% off till the august 31st. FALLREADY.

I have only tried 3 out of the 5 I got and I swear they are such good quality!

First up Sadistfaction.

Satisfaction is part of the silk collection, i recently put them in my Ride or die makeup tag and wore them in my Mermaid eyes blog. I honestly love them they my new favourite i have only worn them 4 times but seriously their amazing. They are quite big and not for everyday but i love the spacing inbetween them because it still shows you eyeshadow off! (Both video and picture wearing Huda beauty trophywife)


Next is hypnaughty.


Hypnaughty are also part of the silk collection they  are gorgeous but again not for everyday, they are so big and long and just a sexy pair of lashes. I have only used them once and was for my blog on the new kylie lip kits. ( am wearing kristen in video and maliboo in picture)

Next is Smokin’ Hot

Smoking hot  are also part of the silk collection the picture above are of my Huda beauty review am wearing trophywife in both. Smokin hot are also not for every day. They are long and thick not as long as Hypnaughty. I can say these eyelashes are so easy to apply I no rally struggle with eyelashes but not with these ones. On there website it says the bands are made out of cotton and that’s why I must find it easier. The 3 lashes are not natural or for everyday but they are stunning! 

Next up is Addiction

Addiction are part of the mink collection I havnt used them yet but they defiently look more natural compared to the others I am defiently trying them next! 

Next is Elegance.

Elegance are also part of the mink collection, they are defiently an everyday lash they are gorgeous not to heavy. 


 All of these lashes can be worn between 25-30 times so I won’t need any more lashes for a while but when I run out I will defiently be purchasing some hypnaughty lashes! Have you ever tried any of these lashes? (Below sadistfaction)

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Laurakate xxx

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