My Makeup Storage! 

So I thought i would do a quick blog on how I store my makeup and were you can buy them. 

I get the acrylic storage boxes from eBay as there only £33! They have 6 draws and you can fit so much in them! I think they look deceiving as you can acctaly fit so much in them!  

I see all the time websites selling basically the same thing but for £100 and I think it’s crazy paying that much for storage when Ebay offers.

I have just checked the link as well and they are only £22.99 with free delivery! 

Ignore the makeup out that’s ready for my ride and die tag 🙌🏻

I currently have 7 of them but have room to add more on top as my makeup continues to grow for me there perfect I have to keep my makeup high on my draws because I have two toddlers and they love to get into my makeup 🙈

These acrylic containers are perfect for me as I do like things in order so from right to left I have how I start my makeup first draw all primers, next 3 draws hold my  foundation ect. I really recommend them if you like your makeup tidy and organised. 

Little video on my storage draws. 

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Laurakate xxx

26 thoughts on “My Makeup Storage! 

  1. It looks so great. I need to buy some storage boxes. I have less than a quarter of what you do have but it is starting to increase and I don’t want to have everything in just one bag with side pockets. I can’t find really anything when I am in a rush. I will check on Ebay 😀

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