Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Review! 

I recently purchased 6 of the shades from Cultbeauty. I think it’s amazing the U.K. Finally had a chance to purchase something without having to wait for months! 3 of them I ordered the day after so am still waiting for them to arrive.

The first shade is I think one of my favorites Trophe Wife. 

Seriously I love this shade it’s a rose wood I think it looks darker on its packaging. The formula … Well it’s amazing 🙈 it’s so watery when applying but the pigment is unreal. It feels so light weight and just amazing! 

Next up is Medusa. 

Medusa is a dusty mauve which is totally me that’s what I go for when am looking for lip colours, I can also say that it dosnt even feel like your wearing anything when you have these liquid lipsticks on! 

Next is muse! 

Muse is a muted rose. This shade is stunning. This one and the two above are my total favourite it’s so pretty I’m in love! I feel like sometimes videos are best as they show the true colour. 

Next is trendsetter. 

Trendsetter is a brown nude, I don’t normally like Browns but this one is more muted so I do like it I think I just need to try it again. The Huda forumla is consistent throughout all are watery but pigmented only take 1-2 minutes to dry! Non are streaky. 🙌🏻

Next is Bombshell. 

Bombshell is a pinkish nude, it is very pretty a very day to day shade. I normally like to stay clear of nudes as they wash me out as I’m fair but this one is so pretty! I feel like I keep repeating myself but I honestly love this Huda beauty formula! 

Last but not least is Venus! 

Venus is a deep taupe brow, I didn’t think it was acctaly that dark what it is, is pretty! It’s also a very day to day shade! 

So to sum up I love these shades I think there amazing so lightweight I was out of at first by it been watery but there so pigmented I’m just really impressed! 
I used 3 different palettes for my eyes lately when I have been going for pink it’s would be good purple so I used the Jeffree star beauty killer palette, The viseart brights and urban decay electric palette. 

For my foundation I used the Giorgio Armani luminous silk in shade 2 and urban decay foundation in shade 1, Katvond new concealer, and her contour palette.

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