Viseart VS Nyx!

This blog is about the Viseart editorial brights vs the Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

This is the viseart palette + arm swatches. 

This is the nyx palette + arm swatches.


I love bright colours on eyes at the moment as you may have seen from my other blogs, I have had the viseart palette for quite a while now and it is so good but it is very expensive at $80 which is about £62. So someone suggested the nyx brights palette to me and they only sell its a selfridges in the uk and it costs £16 which is quite the difference. 

 So here it goes I have done the same eyes pink/purple on top and blue on the bottem but the viseart is on the right eye and nyx is on the left.

The nyx palette when doing the swatches came of feeling slighty chalky and had allot of fall out. Also it dose not have a base colour normal I would use white or a very light nude to cover my enter lid so I used the nyx jumbo pencil in shade cottage cheese. It took longer to do as it took allot more to blend using the nyx palette but I’m surprised on how much I love the palette! 

The viseart palette dose not have allot of of fallout and feels soft and smooth, it is very easy to apply and is buildable also it blends so easy. I honestly know I prefare this palette the best it’s gorgeous and I just love the bright colours so much! It has a white shade which I use a base and to lighten colours if needed.

These are the shades I used from both palettes. 

The first nyx shade is the jumbo eye pencil in cottage cheese. 

I do prefare the viseart palette just I feel like the viseart eyeshadows are so much easier to blend And the pigment is amazing! The nyx palette is still so good you need to build up the pigment and when I did purple on the lid it was slightly patchy so I did had to work harder on that eye. 

I couldn’t say which palette I would recommend as I love both, the viseart if you don’t mind the price and the nyx is still really good. 💜💙💚💛 

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Laurakate xxx

18 thoughts on “Viseart VS Nyx!

  1. Thank you for doing this comparison! I’m only wondering about difference in wear time. My eyelids eat shadow so my worry is the NYX ones will wear of in no time. What is your impression? Thank you 🙂

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