Kyshadow vs TooFaced semi sweet chocolate bar!

So I know the two arnt a perfect match but a few of the shades are very similar so I thought I would try to do the same look with both palettes and also a comparison and decide wether it’s worth the pain and agro of even trying to get your hands of kylies palette! 
I didn’t swatch all as all didn’t match but honestly you can create very similar looks, the too faced one has allot more matte and shimmer shades and a pop of colour that been the dark blue and a light pink, it also has allot of orange and browns which the kylie bronze palette has. 

The kylie palette feels allot more creamy but abit broke of when I was swatching. The too faced one is creamy but not as much as the toofaced palette to be honest both and good quality. I love toofaced and there eyeshadow palettes are always great quality but at the same time i really think kylie did a good job putting this palette together its defiently a everyday go to palette, it’s smaller than what I expected but I guess you could just pop it in your handbag. 

Top two with flash. 

Bottem two no flash. 

So I did my makeup I put and arrow to the one I used the too faced palette and the other eye is the Kylie palette, to be honest am shocked on how easy it was to apply the Kylie shadow it blended allot more easier than the toofaced palette I know it’s a crap picture and the lids are two different colours but I tired ha! 

So I Carnt decide which one is worth it the most, 😩 but if your a makeupaddict, makeup junkie and makeup obsessed like me then you need both 😜. 

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Laurakate xxx

25 thoughts on “Kyshadow vs TooFaced semi sweet chocolate bar!

    1. Hard because there both so good, ky shadow feels better quality , but has more fall out but more pigment and easy to blend , toofaced is always good quality, not much fall out ,good to blend but not as easy as ky shadow so I would am not going to be much help as I own like 7 too faced palettes and only 1 of kylies if you don’t like fall out then get too faced xx


  1. Hi laurakate, thanks for liking my post! some of the shades you present look very enticing to paint with – pretty certain there are some people who do

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