My Tartecosmetics Collection! 

I thought I would blog about my tarte collection I do quite like the brand and some of there products I love! I live in the uk so the only way to get the products is if there website Tarte or Sephora but recently Qvcuk has started selling selected items. 

I do have over 20 things from them and would be way to blog about them all so am going to choose my top 6! 

First is the Tarte Marine Boosting Mist.

I love this as its a 4 in one acts as a primer, setting spray, hydrating mist and skin refresher. I have used for all 4 and love it. It smells amazing. 

Next is the Swamp queen palette.

I think there out of stock of this now but it really is an amazing palette. I don’t use it every day as I don’t think personally for me it’s and everyday palette. The picture above shows my 3 favorite eyeshadows from the palette and the amazing highlighter. It is very easy to blend and feels lightly creamy. It comes with a brush as well which I always love! 

Next is the Double ended highlighter brush

I acctaly use this for foundation, I don’t use brushes often for foundation but when I need to be quick and I look dead and I just what to apply a quick layer of foundation I use this really fast. That’s basically why I use it for fast easy to blend for foundation. 

Next is the Tarte colour corrector

I don’t use all the shades, but the green one for my redness and the second one for under my eyes and the 3rd which is a brown I use it to cream contour with now and again. I don’t have allot of colour correcting products but out of the few I have I find this out is the best it’s easy to blend and defiently works. 

Next is the Tarte rainforest foundation

I really like this foundation mine is in shade fair-light neutral it’s great for my dry skin I apply it with a beauty blender it’s very lightweight and gives amazing coverage you just have to remember to shake well before using! 

Last but not least Tarte highlighter.

It’s a really pretty highlighter It’s called exposed. It’s sort of a champagne gold which I love and it suits my fair skin very well, it is also very pigmented and buttery and also buildable which I love the most as sometimes I don’t want a blinding highlight. 
What’s your favorite tarte product? 

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Laurakate xxx

52 thoughts on “My Tartecosmetics Collection! 

    1. Yes I have dry skin! I feel ya more water based it has to be shaken quite abit before hand and then I use a hydrating moisturise then a good primer then I only use a thin layer of it normally but you can build on it, am very dry I just have an oily nose and works for me! Thankyou xx

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      1. I don’t really look into that stuff I think it’s nice when you see something that says vegan or cruelty free but I don’t have a strong opinion and I do like macs products I think I might even check that one out u mentioned 😊


      2. Neither do I to be honest! I mean if it’s cruelty free then yeah that’s good but if it’s a good product I’d rather buy it and know it works. I’m also trying out the NARS sheer glow foundation which you’ll probably no doubt see a blog post about once I can give a full review!

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      3. aw yay!! I’ve been researching it for about a week or so – I bought it yesterday and also asked for a sample to try just to make sure I like it, I’m wearing it today & it’s definitely holding up its wear, I’ve been out in the rain & wind, I’ve also been sweating so it’s definitely been put to the test😅

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      4. Yeah a went down and asked which is better for dry skin they said just try to avoid the foundations that are more matte i also use like Tatcha spray or the tarte one to give more of a dewy look 😊


      5. I’ve had the NARS foundation on since around 10am and I’ve just taken it off, (it’s 9:35pm where I am), and no joke i was even in the bath with it so yes it went oily due to the steam and stuff but it still looked absolutely amazing – I think I might have found my holy grail but I’m not jinxing it just yet😁!!

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  1. I so badly wanted that Swamp Queen palette and then just anything by Tarte. Here in South Africa it’s not easily accessible and shipping is a bit pricey, but one day 🙂

    Awesome collection of Tarte products!

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