Thankyou to everyone that follows my blog, all keep this short but I have been blogging about 6 month but the past month I have really been reading allot of other blogs and connecting with other bloggers and it makes me so happy  that my hobby and passion has grown to what it is today. As well of passing my 500 followers in not at 525 I got my over 1000 likes 😊😭🙌🏻 . 

It’s means so much to me that people take the time to read like and comment on my blog, as a full time mam who only have two little toddles to talk to during the day until my husband gets home it means so much I have what I feel like is a community of fellow beauty/makeup lovers to talk to we share tips and tricks and sometimes just talk. I litrally think there should be a forum page ha! 

Anyways thankyou again to everyone that follows my journey with me it means so much. 

And if anyone has an requests on products or makeup looks I should try or you would love to see please let me know 😘💋

Check out my Instagram.

Laurakate xxx

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