July Favorites! 

I Carnt believe it’s August already this year has flew round already 😵

I’ve said in previous blogs I like to switch things up monthly otherwise older products even some that havnt been used will get forgotten about so I pulled a few things out last month and this is what I have been using and loving! 

The first is the Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist

I love this it’s smells gorgeous! Also it works! I use it before I put anything on my face and after I finish my makeup and I feel like my foundation still looks great after 6 hours, as I have combination skin, mostly dry normal I get patches, I also use this during the day after a few hours of wearing my makeup. 

Next is the Urban decay electric palette

I love this palette! I have been using allot more night colours recently and this is just to die for all the colours are so bright kind of neon. They are buttery and very easy to blend. 

Next is the Viseart VPE08 Editorial Brights

Just like the urban decay palette it’s stunning and bright! Expect this palette is all matte very buttery and easy to blend. I mix and match between the two palettes because I prefare matte shades in general but also in the crease I find it easier. I really love this palette I think I want to get another from viseart. 

Next is Beauty blender and Makeup addition brush

Of course who dosnt use a beauty blender? I always use it to apply my primer and my foundation and to also blend my concealer in. I try brushes to apply my foundation  but no matter what I always come back to my beauty blender! 

The makeup addiction – small contour brush. That’s litrally what I use it for to apply my contour I just prefare this brush as it small and I can add more powder and blend rather than using a bigger brush I can be clumsy at time. 🙈 

Next is Nars dolce vita lipstick & Marc Jacobs lipgloss

When my lips are chapped I try not to use liquid matte lipstick so these two products are my go to the Nars sheer lipstick in shade dolce vita I sometimes use just by its self it acctaly suits my natural lips which is what I like. The Marc Jacobs lipgloss is in shade taboo it’s a sheer mavue shimmer and it’s gorgeous! It’s not sticky and last quite a while. As I show you in the picture the past month I have been using both putting the lipgloss on top of the sheer lipstick. 💄💋

Next is Kylie cosmetics candy k

I just did a blog about my review on these liquid lipstick which I will leave Here. Its a warm pinky nude and it’s gorgeous for day to to day. 

Next is the Kat von d lock-it concealer

I know it looks super light compared to my arm but I caught a tan so my arm is completely different to my face. It’s the best concealer I have came across to date it’s buildable and blends super easy also I love the shade (L1 neutral)  I am wearing the concealer in the picture above were am wearing candy k ^ 

I still really want to try the tarte shape tape … Has anyone tried that one? 
Last but not least is the Benefit gimme brow & Benefit precisely, my brow pencil

The gimme brow is in shade 5 and I use it by its self for an every day effect as I already have big full brows I just like it tints my eyebrows with out getting an actual brow tint it’s so easy to apply and dose not budge. The benefit precisely, my brow pencil is in shade 6 it is giving my abh brow wiz a run of its money! It’s just so fine and easy to use. I did blog about this before but the goof proof versions and I will leave that blog here if you want to check it out. 
So that’s it for this month! Do you love any of the same products? 

Laurakate xxx

22 thoughts on “July Favorites! 

  1. I got a mini sample of the Lock-It concealer from Sephora and I’ve got to get the full size ASAP. I love it and I’m super fair so I’m glad Kat Von D has shades for pale people like me haha I’ve been trying to avoid the hype of the Kylie lip kits, but I really want to try one. I’m going to read your review now. The shade you have in this post is so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was like that as well as I love Jeffree liquid lipsticks and katvonds but the shades are so pretty 🙌🏻 the concealer is good isn’t it I really want to try tartes new ones but there sold out 😩 let me know which shade of kylies u like the best on my post 👍🏻 xx


  2. I just got the new Gimme Brow and now I want everything in the line 😭 haha
    If you had to recommend either the UD Electric palette or the Viseart for someone looking to start using brighter colors, is there one you think is easier to work with or maybe more ‘wearable’ for someone used to neutrals? Great post!

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    1. I would recommend both but electric palette is cheaper tho the shades arnt fully matte, someone mentioned to me before tho to try the nyx one as they have a palette that is bright, every time I do my eyes bright I use both the UD one and viseart together most of the time viseart is in crease and transition shades and the UD one on my lid to darken and under eye .. Hope this helps but they are both amazing am thinking of getting the nyx to compare it to the viseart xxx

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