Kylie lip kit review!

So I own 8 of kylies lip kits, 2 are the metal which I have already reviewed a while ago I will leave link Here.

I have had them for quite a while and to be honest I don’t wear them often but there is a few colours I really love, the reason I wanted to do a review is I have just ordered the 3 new kylie lip kits maliboo, Kirsten and ginger which I am excited the colours look so pretty! I also ordered the kyshadow  😵!   

Let’s start with maryjo k.

To be honest I think it’s the perfect red, a true blue red. I’m rubbish at putting brighter colours in my lips but I really love this shade. The pigment is insane it’s not streaky whatsoever ❤️.

Next is candy k. 

I think candy k is my favorite colour by far that I own out of the kylie liquid lip range it’s just so pretty and a very go to colour it’s a warm pinky nude which is different for me as I normal love warm mauve colours! 

Next is kourt k. 

(Sorry I like to do fun pic some times 😝) 

I seriously love this shade but it’s so streaky!!!! It’s a deep gorgeous purple but I have to do like 3 coats to get it perfect then it’s cracks 😩 so if any tips to get it to not be so streaky should I put something underneath it like a purple lipstick then do the matte over the top? It’s a shame because this is a purple I would love to wear out. 

Next is dolce k

Dolce k is a deep beige nude and I do like it just its not my favorite am not sure if I suit it again the pigment is amazing and glided on nice and the forumla is great. Not sure if this shade suit me?! 

Next is 22.

22 is a vibrant burnt orange this was streaky but I made it work I wouldn’t wear it all the time but it’s so cute and off red to me it wasn’t so orange I found this one my drying to the rest. 

Last but not least is koko k 

Koko k is a pale pink, I would never normally wear such a light colour because I always feel like they wash me out but I really like it. I think kylies has a good range of every day colours! 

For my eyes I love doing one eye one colour and the other a different colour I just think it’s pretty and different and I love bright eyes! I used two different palettes the urban decay electric palette and the viseart palette. Both palettes are amazing for bright colours! 

Overall I do like the kylie lip kits and when I wear then they last at least 4 hours before needing to be touched up unless I eat then I need to apply it again straight after but that’s the same with every liquid lip brand and I am excited to receive my 3 new shades but there not my favorite liquid to matte brand I feel they are dry a few are streaky but I can work with it and I’m defiently going to start using them allot more! 

Should I blog about the 3 new shades when they arrive? 

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Laurakate xxx

24 thoughts on “Kylie lip kit review!

      1. it looks awesome, and I like the hair colour too – Directions, Stargazer or Manic Panic? I’m always curious – I used to sell Stargazer, but the quality went down, so I replaced it with Directions, which was pretty good – I wanted to sell Manic Panic but it’s Australian, and costs a lot in the UK.

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    1. I was excited and got them when they first came out but havnt made a purchase again till last week so not worth the hype but the shades are beautiful if your prefer every day colours like candy dolce and koko and there is always dupes for the shades it’s just preference I think am glad I got them thought and I will start using them more again

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