Colourpop liquid lip review! 

I was so excited to get my colour pop orders as you properly seen I have done two blogs on my hauls. 

Link to first blog on colourpop

Link to second blog on colourpop

I have used a few eyeshadows and there highlighters and am impressed! So I thought I would try there liquid lipsticks! Here is my review. 

This is the shade dopey a dusty mauve from there liquid matte the shade is gorgeous I fell totally in love 💜 but it’s sooooo dry!!!! Like the dryest liquid lipstick I have ever came across and I own loads 😭 I am going to trying again I just think I will mabey put a gloss over the top of it?! Do you think that will help? 

This is one is are & be its slightly darker than dopey  it’s a rich mauve plum and I love this one as well but again so dry! Am desperate to make these works because I think there gorgeous! 

Last but not least this is bad habit which is a mauve pink it looks darker in person to me but again so dry 😭 please tell me am not the only one compared to Jeffree star and Katvond even abh liquid lipsticks these are nothing like them! 

Anyways this was a short and sweet blog for me I really hope I can make them work either use a Chapstick or a gloss over the top! 

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17 thoughts on “Colourpop liquid lip review! 

  1. Oh my… they look gorgeous on you. I absolutely love the shades! All of them! but yeah dry lips are my big problem… I want to try those and Nyx. And as Kat von D is coming to UK I am super exciting. And yeah I would definitely apply a balm under 🙂

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    1. Ah thankyou , oh I havnt tried the nyx yet. I Carnt wait for Kat to be in debenhams I already have allot of her products but only 3 liquid lips and I will be able to acctaly swatch them before buying them 😵🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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