Jeffree Star Summer Collection! 

Now I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get them because the colours didn’t scream out to me (expect watermelon soda) but I own all of his products and I love to mix and match to make shades so I thought what the hell and got them! 

They came streaky so I followed what Jeffree star said in one of his videos which was put them in fridge for half an hour then leave them out at room tempreture for a few hours this seem to work expect from 714 but hopefully a few more hours and they will be ok.

I did swatches I would never wear the yellow one which is queen bee but I thought I could mix them and see what would happen! 

Seriously mabey for Halloween if am going as a bee?! 

So I thought I would mix prom night which is the bright pink with queen bee and it made this cool neon orange!!!

Then I tried to mix unicorn blood with the yellow it didn’t work out as well as it did it on my lips instead of on the back of my hand and applying it like I did with the one above ^ it came out like a burnt red. 

Next is virginty which is a lavender nude.

This totally washes me out but it’s so pretty a might try mix in another shade or do an ombré with it with Scorpio. 
Next is watermelon soda it’s so pretty I’m totally in love! It’s still not an everyday shade but I will be wearing it tho summer for sure! 

Next is nude beach 

Another one that I feel washes me out am so pale 😩 but it is cute again I might do an ombré it’s like a peachy pale nude.

Next is 714, I already have 714 and I love it is a pale pinky neon coral shade but it’s so different and unique this and water melon soda is defiently my favorite for the summer and the other 3 well lots of ombres and mixing and mabey try some lip art? 

If you read my blog you know I own all Jeffree star products and I love his liquid lipsticks recently Gemini, manniquin and androgyny  are my favorite but I have been loving unicorn blood! 

I would defiently recommend Jeffree star liquid lipsticks but am not sure these shades are for everyone but he is selling them individually! 

Laurakate xxx

13 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Summer Collection! 

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about the Jefree Starr make up line. And it’s really funny because I used to follow him a lot way back in the day on MySpace. I only recently learned he had a make up line. I’m echoing @Sarah sentiment on your creativity of color. That was genius! And your eyes! I used to work for MAC so experimenting in color isn’t too much of a stretch. 😍I think I’m going to have to try something from his line. Thanks so much for this post!

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  2. I wasn’t overly taken by these colours either, I’m looking forward to seeing his winter shades – yellows and light pinks aren’t much my cup of tea haha
    I’m well impressed by that neon orange you created with the yellow though!

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  3. They really look good on you….even the yellow! lol. I don’t think I can pull any of these off. The watermelon soda and your burnt red mix are my faves 🙂

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