Products I regret getting…

There is a few things I have got and have just not worked out, either I just don’t like them or don’t like the effect they have done to my skin.

The first thing I have had for a few months now and tried for two weeks I don’t even know why I kept using it, it’s the Nars primer. After I used it I would then put foundation on and I tried quite a few different foundations and it be peeling like you know if you put eyelash glue on your hand then rub up and down it goes into a sticky Ball thingy well that’s how it went! Shame as I love Nars glow foundation. I might try it again as my skin was extremely dry then hmm I hate throwing makeup away 😩. 

Next is the Gerard cosmetics star powders highlighter. These are not highlighters well there ment to be they feel creamy but there appear talc like and don’t look nice on me. 

Limecrime foiled eyeshadows I did a blog on them the other day which I will leave link to Here. So I won’t go into to much detail but I hate them crumbly not enough pigment just not good. The swatches might look ok but the eyeshadow in pan litrally broke when doing so.

I was really excited to get the benefit pore-fessional matte rescue. I have large pores around my nose and really wanted to try this but just made my foundation come of so much faster it’s basically a primer before a primer just did not work good for me again I don’t know if it’s because I have dry skin? 

The Katvond shade a light eye in rust is so chalky I have blogged about it before I just Carnt stand it I will leave link to that blog Here. I always feel like I should give things another go but am just not sure on this one 😩.

The jouer matte powder & bronze duo. There is no pigment like litrally I Carnt even pick it up with my finger never mind a brush it’s rediculous it Carnt even be used. 

The Dior air flash foundation, I have had this for ages and I Carnt use it, it’s like a spray can and its so he’d to use to get even I have recently seen Nikkie tutorials spray it on a beauty blender then use it so I might try that! 

The next thing is the hd eye and brow palette and it’s awful firstly the pans inside all fell out so I had to glue them back in non of the shades match even tho I was matched in store I think I have gone of powder for eyebrows as well prefare pencil. 

Next is the Ka Brow but this one is in me I got the wrong colour 😭 I got shade 5 instead of 6 but honestly don’t even know why I got it as its gel and I don’t even use gel on my eyebrows I just got carried away πŸ™ˆ. 

Last and defiently least is the tarte lights camera action mascara it’s awful the fibers just got everywhere when I was applying it and throughout the day they would fall out and when I tried to take it of oh my eyes hurt so much I will litrally never use this ever again! 

What product do you regret getting? 

Laurakate xxx

26 thoughts on “Products I regret getting…

  1. I use the matte rescue from benefit and I remember I wasn’t sure if I’d like it when I first got it but if you apply it and let it sit for five minutes then apply foundation, it works better with the makeup Just a tip. 😊 Especially cause I’ve tried several primers too. 😊

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  2. Don’t throw makeup away that you can’t use! Perhaps you have a lucky friend or cousin/sister who could use or swap with you! I totally understand the NARS primer that balls up. Smashbox’s bestseller primer balls up on my skin too. It’s because the formula contains too much silicone. You’ll have better luck with a more lotiony primer or one with a bit more moisture. I highly recommend the Too Faced primed and poreless–there’s no other formula like it!

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  3. I have the same problem with large pores and used to use the benefit porefessional but not the matte one which was okay but not great. I like no7s primer. It’s amazing at smoothing and blurring pores. Also Dior star is a good Dior foundation! I love it!

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  4. Whoah! Interesting, the products I usually see enjoyed by others gave opposite effect on you. We really have different tastes for makeup. I have a few products too that I might blog soon! Will let you know once it roll. Smile Laura, next time look for products that are meant for dry skin, okay? πŸ™‚ Love Lots!!!πŸ’œ

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  5. Good to know. I wonder if the Nars primer is silicone-based (as opposed to water-based). I can’t use silicone-based primers because they make my water-based foundation pill like crazy. I agree with randomthingsienjoy β€” Benefit Hangover RX is a good primer, as is Algenist Reveal Primer; they never pill!

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  6. The superfoil products and Kat Von D products look so pigmented! The Gerard Cosmetic highlighters also look so gorgeous, if you want to email me about the products to give me a bit more detail about what they’re like, I might consider buying them from you x

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  7. Such a pity as all high end products 😦

    The regular porefessional primer is great thougj. I love it.

    My regret. ..the transparent smash box lip liner.

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