Sephora Haul!

Well it just my recent order as I live in the uk I get allot of my makeup from Sephora if Beautybay or Cultbeauty and Cocktailscosmetics havnt released the products I want yet which are uk suppliers. My parcels from Sephora normally takes less than a week for it arrives which is amazing seems it’s from the US also it includes import tax which means I won’t have to pay anything extra when it gets delivered. I use them often which you can proberly see as I have made vip rouge. So I thought even thought I havnt really used any of the products I would show you what I got 😃

First impressions I really like the packaging expect ts very bulky  and all of her shadows felt buttery except venom and Bloodmilk, it’s defiently not an every day palette but I knew that before I purchased it I do really like it thought and Carnt wait to use it. 

I got the vip rouge which is proberly not a good thing means am spending to much 🙈 I think everyone has tired or recived a Nars blush this was in shade goulue. 

I also got the too faced new concealer, too faced new sketch marker I think am always in search of the new magical product 🦄 🦄🦄🦄 also the Marc Jacobs lipgloss in sugar sugar as I love the one I already have in shade taboo. 

The Tatcha dewy skin mist, I really wanted to try this as av seen people use it before makeup as well as after and it had high reviews it smells gorgeous and the packing is Devine 🙌🏻. 

I have a few of the Becca highlighters but not the champagne pop and I didn’t get the last beccaxjaclynhill face palette so I wanted to get Two as the blushes seemed more my shades and I wanted to try champagne pop and amaretto. 

And of course I got free sample I love free sample but who dosnt like free stuff!!!! 

Any products you recommend I try next or you have any of these already?! 

Laurakate xxx

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