Makeupgeek Haul!

It’s a long blog with lots of pictures and some videos so grab a snack lol . So I recently went way over the top with makeup geek purchases πŸ™ˆ I got them from Beautybay.

A week before I got the makeupgeek single eyeshadows I got a box from makeupgeek which is in one my previous blogs Beautybay best of USA. It was a box of USA products and it had 3 makeupgeek products in it an eyeshadow, contour pan and blush pan and I loved them that’s what made me want to get more! 

I basically wanted a go to palette but when I seen the foiled shadows and the duochrome I fell in love πŸ’œ. I knew I needed to get some of them and do a sparkly palette as well! 



The videos are also on my Instagram

The first row are foiled eyeshadows this is them close up and swatched.

This is the second row also foiled. 

They are so buttery I am yet to use them on my eyes but I Carnt wait jester and whimsical are stunning!

The bottem row are the duochrome they are very pigmented but I found the foiled to be so much more pigmented. 

They are like multi dimensional rainbows giving different shades and effect in each pan they look mesmerising! 

I also have the manny mua makeup geek palette which was the first makeupgeek products I ever got! Which I love and it made me want to get more! 

This is my other zpalette that I just got of single makeupgeek shadows. 

There is way to many eyeshadows to swatchπŸ™ˆ. But i did any ways . I have been loving the shade latte which is top row 4th one . Also vanilla bean which I use to start for all over my lid second row , second one in from the left. I need to play around with them a little bit more but I feel like it’s defiently going to be my go to palette! 

The top row. 

Pillow talk and twilightπŸ™ŒπŸ»

Second row. 

Pretentious and roulette look even more stunning in person! 

Row 3. 

Homecoming and petal pusherπŸ™ŒπŸ»

Row 4 + 5.

Cocoa bear and rebel! 😡

Also when I got the USA box i got a contour pan and blush from makeup geek and I loved them so I got 3 more blush and 3 more contour colour as I love to switch my contour up now again a lighter shade for everyday and darker when I am going out 😊 they are very easy to blend don’t get me wrong nothing will replace my Katvond contour palette yet…

I think the 4 blush shades and 4 contour shades I have got I can use all of them they are very pretty 😜

What makeupgeek shades are your favourite? 

Laurakatebeauty xxx

13 thoughts on “Makeupgeek Haul!

  1. I actually quite like the shades Unexpected,Vanilla Bean & Spell Bound!! They’re all really pigmented and pretty. 😍

    Could you please share with me how’d you use them please? thank you so much in advanced xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The pigments are so intense, I love it! I’m going to have to purchase these and do a few fun looks haha thank you for the post Laurakatebeauty!

    Liked by 1 person

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