Benefit Goof proof vs Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer!

Hey so I already have very big eyebrows I just like them to be filled more/ have a bit of colour to them so I use anastasia Beverly hills brow definer and the brow wiz and I am in shade ebony and to be honest there is nothing wrong with them two products I really like the colour. I swap between the two products just depends on the day but when benefit brought out there new range I thought I would get the goof proof brow pencil which is the thicker one in shade 6. 

Which turns out to be the perfect shade and a complete dupe for abh ebony which I was surprised I even got it right as I ordered online from Look fantastic which FYI is great for promo codes I acctaly got a code today with them which is MISSYOU16 which will give 20% off. 

When I have compared them both the only really difference is the tip they both have the tear drop but the benefit is smaller which if you need to be more precise that will be better for you. I tried them both out one on each eyebrow and they looked exactly the same ( I forgot to take photos). 

On the left is abh ebony – right is benefit goof proof shade 6. 

So in conclusion I I’ll use them both. I don’t think the benefit is any better than the Abh it isn’t magic. Which  ever One I get out of my makeup draw is what I will use! 

I also got the gel version but in shade 5 which is to light 😭. 

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Laurakate xxx

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