June favourites!

Hi everyone this is my first favourites blog! I tend to mix things up and change products often because I have quite allot and i find if I don’t things will get forgotten about very easily!!

  • I’m also loving the too faced star dust Vegas nay palette I don’t think there bringing this back I was lucky to get it when they brought it back about 10 weeks ago? It can be used day and night I love to use ‘the strip’ shade  for my inner corners and highlighting under brow it’s a very versatile palette. 

  • I always have chapped lips and I think I have tried every lip product out there to help but nothing dose and I love liquid lipsticks so I have started using my Jeffree star velour lip scrub to prime my lips before I use any lip product and i have seen a difference! 

  • I think Gemini by Jeffreestar cosmetics if proberly allot of people’s favourites the month of June as its new and it’s gorgeous it’s a terra – cotta warm toned nude and I think it really suits anyone. If you have read my blog before I think you know how much I also love jeffrees liquid lipstick formulas! 

  • I also talked about this Katvond shade and light contour palette in my last blog and I think it will be my favorite every month I just Carnt get enough of it the first 4 shades on left is what I use religiously 🙌🏻

  • Now this foundation is rediculous expensive it costs £146 luckily for me my husband bought me it and I absolutely love it it gives amazing coverage and its buildable the applicator is great and the concealer on top works so well in afraid am going to use to much to soon 🙈. La prairie skin caviar concealer foundation spf15

  • I’m pale so I was using ice cold but recently am trying to warm my face up so I have been using the Peach goddess by Jeffree star , it’s just so pretty and gives a lovely glow. 

My plan is now try switch things up and mabey get some of my older products I havnt used in a while 😊 what’s your favorite products this month are any the same as mine?
Laurakate xxx

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