My Katvond Collection.

Seen as  Kat von d is comming to the uk – to debenhams I thought I would take a look at my own collection. 

I hate buying foundations and colours when I havnt tired them in person but with  Katvond I have done that and ordered them from Sephora so I am so excited that she is comming to debenhams as I love  Debenhams and there reward card program. 

I also love all my products from Katvond and want to get more of her liquid lipsticks and mabey her new palette which I will now soon be able to go and test in person at debenhams! 

So here are the products I already have. 

  • I live and breathe for the shade and light contour palette it is defiently my favourite  contour palette I have came across to date! I use the first 4 colours I think the two on the far right are to dark for me but I have heard she may be bringing singles out to replace the ones that are used you can put into the palette so I would take the far right ones out and replace with the two on the far left as I use them everyday! 

  • The shade and light eye contour palette for me was a blessing as am still learning with blending and placement on colours and this came with basically instructions and how to and it has helped me so much! Plus the shades are everyday which I love it’s a very go to palette for me. 

  • The Katvond interstellar eyeshadow palette…. I forgot I had it 😵🙄😩 I litrally seen a Instagram tutorial the other day and some amazing artist was using it and used the shade Orion which is 4th from the left and I was like omg I have the palette! So I have dug it out and am leaving it out of my makeup draws so next time I do my makeup I use it! It’s gorgeous! 

  • The shade and light contour quad – rust. I don’t like it! I fell like the eyeshadows are completely different to her other ones this is more chalky 🙄 am not sure if I got a bad batch? But this is not for me shame. 

  • I love the Katvond lock-it foundation I took a risk and ordered light46 I used a website were I included all my foundations shades I have blogged about using that website before will leave link here. Previous blog – finding foundation shade

  • Katvond ink liner in trooper I have two of these a normal size and a sample size I still struggle on doing a wing 😩 but these are one of my favourites to use when I attempt to. 

  • I have 3 of her liquid lipsticks Lolita , Lolita 2 and LUV. Lolita is my everything and defiently my go to. This is one my favorite brands of liquid lipsticks seriously want to get some more very soon!

Left to right Lolita 2 – Lolita – LUV

Wearing Lolita. 

  • Last but not least are my studded lipstick I have done a blog on them before I think it could of been my first blog? I will leave a link below. There so easy to apply very creamy. 

Katvond lipstick blog

I have also just purchased the new concealer by Kat from Sephora so hopefully be here by end of week! 

Can you recommend you favorite Katvond products? 

Laurakate xxx

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