Jeffree Star Collection

I thought I would do an update on my collection, I have done a blog on Jeffree star before and said how his liquid lipsticks are my favourite which they still are. 

I currently own everything. πŸ™„ I thought I would show you my favourite colours and which I wear all the time and others i don’t wear as much. 

Currently my two favorite shades are two new ones which are Gemini and mannequin. 

Mannequin- I’m not really a nude lippy girl I feel like because am already pale, the likes of I’m nude and posh spice make me look washed out but mannequin is like a warmer sister of I’m nude and I love it for an everyday shade and when am doing simple easy fast makeup. 

Gemini – Gemini to me is like a lighter androgyny and I love androgyny I know it’s like a cult favorite but I love it so much mine is almost gone all I have to by another soon I also wore androgyny the day I got married. Gemini is terra cotta warm toned nude and it seriously amazing I wear it all the time! 

Rose matter – am just not a pink girl and am not totally sold on it av worn it twice and I will wear it again I think it’s really pretty on so many people am just not sure I can pull it of. 

(Can you see my son asleep in back of photo πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜)

Androgyny – this cult favorite is still one of my all time favourites it is litrally everything I go back and forth wearing this but if I never know what to wear for lips I just get this one out because you Carnt go wrong .

Doll parts – so doll parts recently came back in stock and I snagged it straight away I’m not really a pink person but I love this colour it’s a soft toned cool pink and it’s so pretty. 

Weirdo – it’s black but I love it I don’t wear it all the time but it’s litrally the blackest Matte lipstick! 

Redrum – I only got this recently but it’s to die for its a cool toned red. 

All my other Jeffree star liquid lipstick are on my other blog which is linked below. 

Previous Jeffree star blog

Also I recently go the beauty killer palette and the 4 highlighters sadly king tut arrived broken 😭 but I got a full refund on that highlighter and I have bought some of that 91% alcohol to mabey fix it so if anyone knows how to do that and can help me 😊? ( it was wrapped amazing aswell don’t have a clue how it broke 😟)

Ice cold is my favorite because am so fair it’s goes perfect with my skin tone. I also love the other two peach godess and mint contiondion but peach godess and ice cold together is amazing and like am sure you have seen on every other post on these highlighters the pans are huge I feel like I am never going to run out! 

The last swatch is ice killer and peach goddess together.

My broken king tut please tell me I can fix it somehow πŸ˜”

The beauty killer palette is stunning I have recently been trying to use brighter colours and this is right up my street! The pictures above with mannequin and Gemini I am wearing the beauty killer palette.

And can we talk about the packaging it is litrally amazing.

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22 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Collection

  1. Hey these are awesome on you! I noticed you said you fixed the king tut but you can add a little bit of rubbing alcohol to the product, mix it together, and let it dry over night. Not the most elegant way to fix it – but it works to prolong shelf life and definitely makes it easier to work with!

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  2. Doll parts and androgyny!!! I feel like I need these?!?! I have been wanting to get some of his liquid lipsticks but wasn’t sure if I would like them now I think I need them lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow so jealous of that collection! There was huge controversy over the king tut highlighters apparently something like 3000 of them broke but he cleared it on his snapchat saying it was delivery guys! x

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  4. So many of these colors look beautiful on you!! Jealous. I tried out celebrity skin (androgyny wasn’t in stock at the time D: ) and I didn’t really care for it on me. I love your hair too! I used to have turquoise and I miss it so much.

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      1. haha I actually went dark purple after I was teal! I really loved that color the most but my hair is naturally blonde and it just didn’t look as good as it would have with dark roots growing in 😦 but I think it would look lovely on you!!

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  5. Love this so much! I’m also pale and sadly only own Redrum, I’m aiming to collect so many more though. What nude shade do you think is best for pale skin? I can never find a good matte lipstick. Also can you do a look with the beauty killer palette please? Thank you x

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