How I wash my brushes!

So I never wash my brushes until recently. Before I just used to buy more but that’s rediculous so I bought a few things from the brand Sigmabeauty. I got the sigma spa brush cleaning mat and the sigma dry and shape tower – face and eyes.

I wanted them fast so I didn’t acctaly buy them direct from Sigmabeauty I got the sigma dry and shape tower – face and eyes from Cocktailscosmetics and I got the sigma spa brush cleansing mat from Look fantastic. Which I don’t normally use look fanstastic but I got a good promo code at the time so I went for it.

They both come with instructions the mat is very easy to understand as it has the writing on the mat itself. Basically the face brushes on the right hand side to clean them and to refine your brushes to get the shape back. The same on the left side for the eye brushes. It also secures it self with suction cups underneath so it doesn’t move whilst using it. I used the johnsons baby head to toe wash. After you finish washing brushes you just have to remember to Squeeze the brush head with hand to remove the excess water! 

Next I put the brushes I have washed into the sigma dry and shape tower, it was tricky at first for the face brushes you have to place them threw the elastic band and make sure all the brush head is in the elastic so it keeps its shape and drys faster also your using wet hands but once I did a few I picked up the pace! I left them over night to dry which was about 12 hours and they were fully dry! There was a few brushes I had no room for so I placed them on a towel next to it and quite a few were still wet! 

For my beauty blenders I just rince them with water and keep squeezing and add the beauty blender cleanser it only takes a few minutes and they come out perfect! 

I really do love the sigma mat and drying tower, it took me a while to use but I think that’s more due to the fact I had never washed the brushes before 😐. It was definitely a worthwhile investment for me!  

Anyone got and tips or tricks on how they wash there brushes? 

Laurakate xx

5 thoughts on “How I wash my brushes!

  1. How neat! I definitely find that if I don’t wash my brushes on a regular basis, I break out. I currently use a brush cleaner from Mary Kay, but there hasn’t been anything better to me than good olé shampoo and water. Probably not good on my brushes though?

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