Makeup Brushes! The good and the bad!

Hi everyone I thought I would share my makeup brushes and the different brands I use. 

I think I have an issue?! I hate washing my brushes I never know what to use and when I know I need to wash them it’s when am doing my makeup so I Carnt because I need the brushes! 

So I decided to buy new ones I really needed and I am always searching for the perfect brushes just like I am with foundation. 

I like different foundation brushes for different things.

For light to medium foundation I use a beauty blender, this is what I got recently! I think everyone owns a beauty blender now I don’t like them to wet I normally dry it of a little with Paper towel.

For full coverage I use a brush. I swap between my two favourites which is the morphe M439 and the urban decay optical blurring bush which I totally forgot I had till a month ago when I washed it and fell in love with it again! 

The morphe brush head is slightly bigger and the urban decay feels slightly softer but they do the same job! 

One brush I don’t like for foundation is my opv oval brush I just think there harder to use and leave me looking more patchy I really wanted this brush to work they are so popular it’s a shame I spent £100 on the set and not a fan. 

I recently bought the full set from spectrum and cost £100 for 30 pieces which is £3.30 per brush with is amazing. 

Here are my 4 favourite brushes from that collection. 

Left to right , I use it as a powder brush to set my foundation it’s B02 , next is a brush I use to highlight A04 , crease brush B06 small crease and under eye A12. These brushes are so soft and very easy to use.Spectrum brushes. You also get 10% of your first order! 

Some other brushes I got is from makeup addiction! I got there ultimate eyeset. But also I have ordered from them before and my favourite contouring brush is from there’s! 

From left to right is the medium shader I use to pat my eyeshadow on the lid, next diffused blender basically a large crease brush, next tapered blender another crease brush. Last is my favourite contour brush every I just love it and helps me blend so well! Makeupaddictioncosmetics.

My next and last favourite brush from now is the morphe m510 highlighting brush. 

I use this more when I only want a small about of highlighter I love it and it so cheap I got it from Beautybay

I know there is allot of crease brushes but I’m just learning and practicing different with brushes and techniques. Anyone recommend there favourite brushes? 

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Laurakate x

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