Battle of the makeup palettes part 2! 

I did a blog about 2 and a half months ago about eyeshadow palettes and since then I have acquired a few more 🙈 I have a little bit of an obsession with them and I have yet to find one I don’t like! So I thought I would show you some of these ones and which I use more and for what occasion. 

First is the Violet voss holy grail palette

Now I got these from Cocktail cosmetics because i refused to get them from boiler voss as postage was redic, and getting both palettes from cocktails was £20 cheaper and it arrived faster than if I ordered from voilet is. Sadly it’s sold out now at cocktails cosmetics and from voilet voss as a single but still available in the bundle deal. 

This palette is stunning it has 20 different shades, some are satin, metals and mattes. It is very pigmented and blends very well they feel kind of like butter! It’s versatile in it can be used for day to day or add a metal for a night look! Here are my fav shades! 

Next is the too faced sweet peach palette.

There was such a hype on this palette everyone wanted it, it was sold out everywhere, I’ve had for just under an month got it from debenhams but it’s now sold out there as well. I have also only used it 3 times 🙈 I wasn’t blown away by it I perfare the chocolate bar or the Bon Bon but it dose have a pretty shades and just like too faced always is consistent in it products always good. The packaging is amazing. Few of my fav shades from this palette are –

Next is the Tartelette in bloom palette.

I don’t have very many tarte products but I see them everywhere so I really wanted this palette and it is gorgeous very everyday but you can also fling in your bag and put the shade funny girl on for an evening for abit of glam or do a more smokey eye look. I really like it blends very easy and may be my new go to palette! Few of my fav shades are – 

Next is too faced Vegas nay star dust palette.

I got this very recently when too faced put them on there website with a deal to get mascara and eyeshadow primer with it. I think it’s been out for a while but sold out for the longest time so as soon as I seen it back in stock I grabbed it as soon as I could! It is very pretty packaging, and the eyeshadow colours are stunning have used this quite a few times now, they blend very well and very pigmented I don’t really follow Vegas nay on Instagram but I do nikki tutorials and her collab is comming out in August with too faced and her sneak peak is similar to this so am excited for that one! 

Any ways undo have to say I love too faced, better than sex Mascara is litrally the best mascara for me and there blushes are amazing! These are my fav shades from the stardust palette! 

Next is the Urban decay electric palette.

I mentioned in my last battle of makeup palette blog that I wanted this palette and am so glad I got it! I normally stay away from bright colours but I wanted to try something new something out of my comfort zone and honestly I love it so much it’s kind of neon and the colours complement each other so well. Here is a look I did with them. 

I kind of wanted to play around that’s why I did one eye one colour and the other a different and am really happy with result. So pigmented and very blendable and also a little goes a long way. I can not pick fav shades for this palette because I love all of them so I just choose a few. 

Next is the Too faced chocolate Bon Bon palette.

I got this from debenhams and it smells gorgeous just like all of too faced palettes, the shades are beautiful and can be used day or night. There are 16 different shades most neutral with a few brights. My fav shades – 

Last but not least Voiletvoss drenched metal palette

This is still available at Cocktail cosmetics I love this palette for me it’s bright and fun and can be used with so many other palettes to bring colour into your life which for me is different! Very buttery  formula perfect! Fav shades- 

What I have noticed from my obsession with eyeshadow palettes  is with each palette i like different shades! I guess that could be my excuse for buying more 🙈 also there will be a part 3 of battle of the makeup palettes very soon 😑 I hope my husband dose not read this blog. Let me know what you fav eyeshadow palette is of if you can recommend one for me 😜

Laurakate x

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