Lip Hybrids!!!

So recently I came across on Instagram they sell liphybrids how she explains them is there are a lipstick/lipgloss that last 4-8 hours. They are long lasting, very pigmented, no lip liner needed and  safe for face and eyes. 

They also sell in package deals I bought the 6 for $50 took about 2 weeks for delivery which is expected seems I live in uk. 

First impressions is they are stunning even through the little pots they came in the colour is gorgeous. When you first open them they seem goopy but they look so fun to play with – the videos are on My Instagram.

I haven’t tried all of them on my lips but the ones I have I love, if you read my blog you know I am a matte liquid lipstick addict and that hasn’t changed this is a really nice change as normal lipstick makes my lips look really chapped matte liquid looks good on me and this hybrid of lipgloss and lipsticks  also looks really good and is very moisturising! Which is just what I need between wearing liquid lipstick! 

My favourite of all of them is called bad blood. 

This is a gorgeous deep red it is also buildable so if you just put a little on it would of been more sheer but seriously a little goes a long way! I don’t know if you can tell in hand swatch picture but the left swatch is piling it on and the left on each picture is only a light layer it acctaly gives two different shades I think it’s stunning. 

Next is purple haze. 

Seriously I don’t think the picture does it justice but then again I took it at 2am 😩 it is so light on the lips does not feel like you have anything on! The video of it is on My Instagram.

Next is a gorgeous glitter effect called celebration!

Here I acctaly used Jeffree star in weirdo then put celebration on top to show you it can be used not just by it self but also on top of any lip colour to bedazzle it! In the hand swatch it shows it on full, just slightly and then I have used jeffree star in prom night with it on lightly over the top! 

Next is a stunning colour called pearl.

The first on left top and bottem is on thick middle is a thin layer and right is jeffree star Scorpio with a thin layer on top.

Pearl is gorgeous , like celebration it can be used by it self or on top of colour which will give it stunning effect. On some people it can look red/pink and other people a hint of  purple sheen. 
Next is nude and rude! 

Swatch on left is on full and right in on lightly. Nude and rude is a metallic nude with a hint of antique rose that sets of a satin finish! And it is stunning! Gives an amazing glam look! 

Next is teddy bare! 

Again same as others one of left is on thick and one on right is on sheer. 

Teddy bare is a Gorgeous neutral colour and for me a go to. It gives full coverage and a little goes a long way! 

I honestly love these and want to buy some more I wore the red one for about 6 hours and ate and drank and it didn’t of my lips but obv like lipstick it goes on your glass ect. When I get some more I think I will get brighter colours like blues and greens!  $50 for 6 hybrid lipsticks are really good price ! I still have a few to try on my lips but am going to wear this this weekend because I’m in love! ❤️💋

There website is Houseofbeautyco and there Instagram is Houseofbeautyco.

Also when doing some of these swatches I tried some new eyemakeup out using the urban decay electric palette. 

Laurakate xx

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