The New brand Wonderlandmakeup! 

I came across a new makeup brand on Instagram called Wonderlandmakeup! I purchased a few things from them.

First impressions from there Instagram page was wow wonderland and some of the pictures of the colours were amazing I just wanted to try! Also the price is really good eyeshadows £6.50 each lipsticks £7.50. Blush £9.50 and there big 7g. There finishing powder £12.50 which is 12g I have been using it for a week now and I love it perfect for my dry skin! I got 2 of there glitters which are £5.50 each and there pigments are same price. 

So first all show you the eyeshadows! 

I don’t normally use single eyeshadows palettes are easier but seriously these are so pigmented and very blendable and I choose colours I felt like I didn’t really have and am so happy with them! The copper and marine are my favourite they are stunning! 

Next are the pigments! 

Theses are acctaly the first pigments I own never used any before so Carnt compare to another brand but the colours are stunning I have used a few times now and sprayed Mac prep and prime  on a brush and they stayed on all day on my lid! I also used sparkling peach in my crease and litrally am loving it! 

Next the lipsticks! 

Behave is stunning to me it’s an everyday lippie very buttery and creamy and lasts a long time! If you read my blog you know I love matte liquid lipstick but I Carnt wear all the time because drys my lips out so these are a nice change and don’t dry my lips out! 
Next I want to talk about the glitter ✨✨✨

The pigments and glitter all have the same top which you can see is great so nothing falls out when u open it! The purple one is called haze and the silver is called dazzle!  Omg these are amazing! You can tell from the picture right?! I am defiantly getting more of there glitter!!! 

Blush is next! 

The pink one is called Molly and the other is called peach o peach, I die over the peach one it blurs the lines between blush and bronzer which is perfect for my skin tone! 

Next is Powder! 

I have put the powder next the blush so you can see how big it is. I love this powder because it sets my foundation without giving me dry patches! I have really bad dry skin and this has been a life saver for me! 

Nail polish! 

Sadly am yet to use this I got it because it matches my hair 🙈 but it looks amazing and am planning to use it this week but won’t blog about it straight away as I like to use for a week to test for peeling and cracking! 
Overall I really like this new brand there powder is a life saver for me and there eyeshadows and pigments are just gorgeous! 

Check them out at Wonderland makeup

In these pictures am using peach o peach blush and the finishing powder. 


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