How much is your face worth?

A few weeks ago I seen a video on buzzfeed about how much is your face worth, basically it’s what is your everyday makeup in your makeup bag you would take places ect. 

Then last week I seen another blogger on here Whisper and blush  had done a blog on it and her everyday makeup came to £315.26! 

My first thoughts were omg that is so much money but then I started to think of my own products I use everyday use and adding it up and realised oh no I spend way to much on makeup and mine is going to be roughly the same 😑 .

Also lets bare in mind this is just my makeup it dosnt include my skincare routine I do before hand or any of my makeup brushes 🙈

I like to swap my makeup routine up every month or so otherwise I will get stuck a rut and use the same foundation and palettes ect so I changed over to these products about 3 weeks ago.

To start my primer I use is Clarins beauty balm

I love this! It feels so gorgeous on my skin kind of like a moisturiser and perfect for my dry skin.

Price – £30 

Next is my foundation am currently using Nars sheer glow foundation.

I love this foundation because it buildable you can get full coverage if needed also perfect for my dry skin. 

Price – £31 

Next is contour I use Contour cosmetics

Am first to hold my hands up and say am still learning on the whole contouring and not the best but learning all the time. I like this palette because of the choice of colour exspeically when am not sure which one I should be using so a try different ones. 

Price – £42 

Next is Laura Mercier loose powder

I like this powder for baking and for all over my face I try not to use to much because of my dry skin but I do like this but if anyone can recommend a powder for dry skin please do! 

Price – £29 

Next I do my eyebrows am using the ABH pro brow palette.

Now the only reason am using this and it might sound daft is because I didn’t know what colour my eyebrows were like literally I thought I was taupe… Am acctaly ebony 😩 how far of was I but when I got this I literally tried every colour and I like in uk so not like there was a place I could go to get matched for abh products.

Price – £90 🔫 

Next I do eyeshadow and my current obsession is Katvond shade and light eye

I love this! I love that is comes with things you can try and the instructions are easy to understand. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and easy to blend. I got these from Sephora but by the time you add the important tax I could of just got them in uk from roses which is in the link above picture for same price. Same goes for next item. 

Price – £52 

Next is Katvond contour 

I use this more as bronzer and to go over my contour as I have a habit of over blending. 

Price – £52 

Next is eyelashes! Too faced better than sex

This is my favourite mascara! I love it so much I have already bought a spare just incase! 

Price – £19 

Next is eyeliner Urban decay eyeliner

I love urban decay products I own every eyeliner my husband bought me the vault so I do switch colours but I always wear eyeliner on my waterline. 

Price – £15.50

Next is blush I use Too faced blush

I acctaly bought these in a pack with 3 and I love the colours I don’t normal wear blush but these are lovely. 

Price – £25 

Next is my highlighter Becca moonstone

I fell in love with this highlighter it didn’t feel like talc I was using the abh glow kit but honestly this highlighter is amazing! 

Price – £32 

Lipstick is next and my current fav is Katvond Lolita

I love this colour it’s my everyday colour and the forumla is great a feel like it wipes of easy aswell. 

Price – £21 

Last but not least setting spray I use tarte marine boosting spray ( link has gone for uk) 

I did love the urban decay one but I felt like dryed my skin more and this one helps my dry skin so much! I use it sometimes before I do my makeup as well as setting spray and somethings throughout the day! 

Price – £26 

I feel like that is allot of product! 

This is the result of what it looks like. 

Now for the scary part the price ……..  £462.50 …

Like seriously seems this dose not include my brushes and skincare 💀🔫 I normally get my husband to ready my blog before I post it but hell no!!! He knows I have an obsession with makeup but for these just to be my everyday! ( I don’t wear makeup everyday these are more my go to when I do) 

I think I need to shop more highstreet items. If anyone knows any products for dry skin that would much be appreciated! 

Thanks for reading.

Laura Kate xxx

12 thoughts on “How much is your face worth?

  1. Oh dear, I think I’d regret trying to add up my numbers! I’m curious to see you really like the Sheer Glow for dry skin. I’ve heard mixed things about how it holds up on dry skin but I’ve been eyeing it for a while now.

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  2. LOL!!! What a great tag!!! The stuff adds up and I guess we don’t really think about it! <3ing all of these products that you tagged either way 🙂 Ps. your hair color is so pretty! Following now! Just posted an April's Favorites and would appreciate some love back! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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