Kyliecosmetics metal liquid lipsticks 

So I do have 6 of her normal liquid lipsticks and I like a few but to me the formula isn’t the best. 

When she brought out her metal liquid lipsticks I still really wanted to get one because I only own 1 other metal liquid lipstick and that’s from Lasplashcosmetics and I love that one! 

So here is some photos this one is kingk.

In the picture it looks ok but I hate it! It just don’t suit my skin colour am not sure if it’s because am pale but I did do allot of bronze on my face today and it still looks shit on me in person 😔 the pigment is good and it feels very creamy when going on but drys very drying! 
Next is reign!

I loved this colour more red in person I am defiently going to be wearing it again. Was very drying on my lips but came on easy enought with a baby wipe! 
I didn’t manage to get the other colour but I want to show you my other metal liquid lipstick from la splash which is my fav out of the 3 I own. It’s called Catrina the bottle it’s self it’s looks brown with teal shimmer but when it’s on it’s mostly black with hints of brown and teal metal effect it’s gorgeous! 

I don’t honestly think the picture dose it justice. 

I’m not 100% sold on the metal effect mabey there just isn’t enough of them out there but am looking forward to getting Jeffree Stars peachy metal one when it comes out, what do you guys think? 

Laura Kate xxx

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