I have never been one for skincare product, I have used them in the past and my face would get blotchy and very red. Lately my face has been try on my forehead and cheeks which led me to believe I had dry skin. Before I bought anything I wanted to speak to someone who knows what there talking about. 

I went to debenhams to buy so makeup of course and spoke to the lady who worked at Clarins. 

She was lovely and very helpful she first asked what I was looking for I pointed out two product which turns out to be totally wrong for me, she asked to touch my face so she tell what my skin type was like, she said its combination as I have dry forehead and side of cheeky and a oily nose. She then sat me down and went through the a routine with me ask how I prefare to take makeup of with water or product I said product, I am now using the Clarins cleansing milk I take my makeup with this or even on a morning first think I use it just to start my routine, it’s smells amazing and even just using this my face feels so much better. 

Next she explained it’s important to use a toning lotion it prepares your skin for moisturiser and helps clean out your pores. I am using the Clarins toning lotion. It smells amazing and feels great on the skin.

After this I am using the Clarins pore minimizing serum, it is so soft and just glides on you only need a little bit of it.

Next to moisturise I use the  Clarins hydra-matte lotion which also feels amazing but am also mixing it with the new Clarins booster repair this is basically and oil that reduces feelings of discomfort, optimizes skin strength and also minimises the appearance of redness which is what I need it for, how you use them both together is you apply the moisturiser to the back of your hand and apply 3 drops of the booster and mix them together and then apply to your face. 

This is the routine am doing day and night expect on a night just before bed I use the Clarins santal face oil. Which is amazing I also received a free sample of it which has lasted the week so I have bought the full size version.  I was so shocked when she recommended an oil but this was is for combination skin. 

I have only been using these products for a week and my face feels so smooth and rehydrated also after I do the routine on a morning and then apply my makeup it sits so much better. Am not one for only using the same brand I like to mix and match but seems I don’t know allot about skin care  am taking the professionals advice for now as it seems to be working! 

Also debenhams and Clarins have an offer on at the moment if you buy two size full products you get 4 sample sizes for free which is amazing. Also I received 8 smaller samples some for my husband some mascara and a night mask.

 Two I am defiently going to use it the white one on the left which is a primer for your makeup I have already used it and feels great. Also I will use the light blue one which is a hydra-quench cream mask you can use it once or twice a week for 15 minutes then take it of which a cotton bud and the cleansing milk, the Clarins lady did say to wait a few week to use it whilst am using these new product. 

I am really happy with my new skin care routine especially if it’s going to help my makeup! Does anyone else suffer with combination skin? 
Laura Kate xxx

2 thoughts on “Skincare.

    1. No I havnt which I was suprised by as I have really sensitive skin, the lady didn’t pressure me to buy anything at all so a suggest trying to get a few free samples first just to try it out xxx


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