My Jeffree Star Collection..

I love Jeffree stars liquid lipsticks they are by far the best formula in my opinion, I also love how there is such a broad collection of colours, even thought I may not wear the light blue or bright pinks I own them because you don’t have to just use them as a lipstick you can use them on your eyes as a liner!

This post might be long as I have 19, and my lips felt awful after but it was totally worth it. 

When I get allot of lipsticks I always like to swatch them on a piece of card, it helps me so when I carnt decide a colour and all the lipsticks overwhelm me I just look and it helps, I do this with all my different brands.


(I didn’t swatch abused on my arm as it arrived a day later)

The first one i did is drug lord. FYI I did these at 12am and took me till 3am that’s why my eyes so red πŸ˜” 

I would never wear drug lord on my lips unless it was Halloween, but drug lord is so versatile you can use it with other colours to make a new one. It did need about 3 coats to achieve this look.

Next is Queen Supreme. Neon pastel pink. 


I was so shocked at how much I liked this one! I would never normally choose a colour like this but I love it and it only took one coat!

Next is Breakfast At Tiffanys. Blue – green pastle 

 I would never wear this colour outside the house a don’t think I would be brave enought πŸ˜” but I do like it and the forumla is so good as you can see from last picture it’s not streaky at all.

Next shade is Blow Pony. Pastel neon lavender. 


Oh I love blow pony! This is another shade I never thought I would love but I do! It’s so pretty, it goes on so smoothly and you only need one coat! πŸ’œ

Next is Jaw Breaker! Neon pastel blue!

This shade am not sure on me but I do love how it went on I honestly carnt fault this formula. 

Next is I’m Nude. Light tan nude.

I love this colour it such an every day shade.

Next colour is Celebrity Skin. Soft brown with peachy undertone.

This to me is also another everyday shade, 1 coat and lasted 7 hours with no touch ups the last time I used it!

Next shade Posh Spice! Greige taupe nude.

I feel like this shade washes me out a little, I thought I would really like this but still not sure, yet again 1 coat and no streaking. 

Prom Night is next. Brightest pink!

Sorry for the messy lips I was 9 liquid lipsticks in and my lips were hurting πŸ™ˆ. I was so shocked by this colour I thought Barbie pink bright I would never wear this.. But I acctaly love it am so happy I am experimenting with new colours I would of never wore before! 

Next shade is Dirty Money! Green.

Dirty money does not look good on me! But I would use it for eyeliner or mabey mix it with another colour?! 

Next is the famous Androgyny! Plum mauve.

I love androgyny and can see why it is so popular, I wore this one my wedding day, such a Beautiful colour and like the other ones only one coat! 

Next is I’m Royalty. Deep purple 

Messy edges again, this one shocked my I like it allot πŸ™Š it’s Beautfiul and I think I suit it.

Next is Masochist. Dark pink! 

Am not sure on this colour I like it but just not to sure on me, I don’t know if it’s because it’s a tad darker colour but took two coats. 

Next is Anna Nicole, orange red.

I like this! I never thought I would like a red- orange but after Kat von d – halo I knew i  had to get this and am so happy I did I love this shade took two coats buti wore it one day for roughly 5 hours and was perfect the full time.

Next shade is mistletoe. Deep green.

I don’t suit green!!!! Well at least green lips, I don’t think I will ever wear this by its self but could use it for ever liner or body art mabey! 

Blue velvet. πŸ’™ A deep blue. 

I think the blue velvet looks slightly purple on these pictures but in person it’s not is such a deep but Beautiful  blue, took 2 coats not streaky but for full effect took 2.

Next is Dominatrix a dark brown.

My foundation was comming of from around my mouth 17 shades in ouchy 😩. I like this colour, I didn’t think I would because it’s such a dark brown took 2 coats but never streaky! 

Abused is next 

Messy edges, but I like this it’s such a dark purple but it’s so pretty ☺️ 2 coats. 

Last but not least – Weirdo! 

Blackest black I love this I own another black from lime crime and this one from jeffree star is so much better! 

My lips were so bad after this’s lots of lip balms applied and no lipstick for a few days, if anyone can reccomend a good lip balm? 

I don’t think all the shades suit me but some did that I didn’t even expect like queen supreme! I honestly carnt recommend these enought  am definitely getting the other colours when they come out! What colours do you own? Which shades do you think i suit? 

 I know he is restocking some after this comming weekend. On his Twitter he said doll parts, redrum , dominatrix ( 30/03/2016)

I need hoe hoe hoe and 714 and don’t know if there getting restocked so someone is your selling let me know please πŸ˜‡

I also need which I know he is restocking soon unicorn blood, redrum, doll parts.

Also on his snapchat he showed us a swatch of his two new shades.

The top one is Gemini and bottem is rosematter.

Jeffree is also releasing his first eyeshadow palette in May! There is also normal lipsticks, highlighters to come so allot more to save up for and look forward to!


Laurakate xxxx

10 thoughts on “My Jeffree Star Collection..

      1. I use a good primer on them first like the Jeffree star one or the Mac
        Prep and plenty of it and as soon a so I take it of plenty of vasaline to soke them over night then any
        Chap stick during days I suffer from chapped lips all time even before I started wearing them, Awh Thankyou I feel like there to long sometimes aha xx


      2. I love the Mac prep and prime one I’ve always suffered from chapped lips have to exfoliate them 2/3 times a week. I don’t mind reading long blog posts I think it’s just people’s preferences xx

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