Battle of the makeup palettes!

I love eyeshadow palettes and I own quite a few, I have never came across one I hated or have just never used. My favourite brand for a good palette is urban decay, I have about 4 I think 🤔 I would still get the others aswell I really want to get the Urban decay electric pressed pigment I think am going to get it next week. Also I have just ordered two from too faced the Bon Bon eyeshadow and the  Peanut butter and jelly palette am very excited for them to arrive 🤓

I thought I would show you some I own and which ones I love and use the most!

First is the Urban decay naked smoky.

I love this and have used it quite allot it comes with a double ended brush which is always a plus. It has lots of neutrals rich browns, taupes and deep black. Matte and shimmer. This can be used for all occasions I used to use it for everyday use.

Next we have the Lunatick cosmetic labs in supernatural.

This is my go to palette…. For now I change all the time. There is 4 matte shades and 1 shimmer the colours are just beautiful and give a nautral look. I really recommend it also they have a fab contour palette for people with fair skin tone!

Next is my Makeup addiction cosmetic flaming love.

This is currently sold out but you can pre order I have only used it once for a more dressy occasion I used the teal colour which is called Belize so it matched my hair ,I really how bright some of the colours are am not a bright colour person but am really trying lately to brighten things up and try new things lately and defiently going to be using this more often!

Next is my z pallet with morphe eyeshadows I got them from  Cocktail cosmetics which is a uk website that sells lots of us products!

I have only had this for like 3 days so am yet to use it I did swatch a few and they look highly pigmented.

Left to right – bronzed ivy , sapphire, dark night, fairy tail.
Next is Urban decay – shadowbox

 I have had this for ages mabey a few years? This was the first one I got I experimented a little with colour you can proberly see from pictures how much I have used it. Love this one!

Next is sugar pill – cold chemistry I got it from Cutecosmetics which is also a uk site that sells us products.

 They are all shimmer so I have only used it once a prefere matte or a palette that has a mix of both I will definitely use it again that purple shade – elemental chaos is calling my name!!!

Smashbox- soft box

They don’t even sell this anyone I think I have had this well over 3 years but I really liked this, I don’t use it as much now but years ago I used it all the time it was very much my go to it has a mixture of matte and shimmer. Very nautral brown and taupe.
Next is Urban decay vice 4 which is currently on sale at debenhams for £30!!

I got this for Christmas of my husband he knows me so well he asked the urban decay sales woman a palette with teal like her hair! This palette is Beautfiul, it has 20 shades 3 teal/green which is perfect for me. Only 4 matte and the rest is shimmer but it has such a variety of colours , gold , purples, greens, black and Browns. It’s defiently one I recommend.

Makeup geek manny mua

This is out of stock a but I think there is a pre order, I only received my 6 days ago and am yet to use it, I have seen tutorials and read other reviews and I carnt wait to try it AV done a swatch and it’s so pigmented the colour Mars is Beautfiul and insomnia is to die for the picture does not do it justice.

Next is Too faced chocolate bar

I love this palette, when am not sniffing the chocolate goodness my fav colours are white chocolate which is matte I put that all over the lid , I use salted Carmel in the crease and then marzipan or hazelnut on the bottem lid. This palett has a lot of variety taupe , golden, pink, red, violet very nice and can be used for all occasions.

Last but not least, Urban decay – gwen stefani

This has 15 shades neutrals & jewel tones some matte most are shimmer. Beautfiul colours and 12 are new colours to urban decay! I have been using this allot lately am loving the gold!
This is about 75% of my eyeshadows palette I just love trying new ones and using a few palettes at the same time.

Anyone tell me there favourite or recommend one?

The real question is will I stop buying eyeshadow palettes? Hell no!

 Laurakate xxxx

11 thoughts on “Battle of the makeup palettes!

  1. That Lunatick palette is literally the coolest packing I have ever seen! I’ve never heard of that brand before, but the palette looks awesome. If you don’t mind me asking, how much was it? Like is it more high end?

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