My everyday go to makeup..

Not that I wear makeup everyday but I do I have my favourites and the ones I go to often… 

My go to makeup…

Firstly is the batiste dry shampoo , I use this inbetween washes as I have extensions and it’s so hard to wash hair and dry with extensions and am a little lazy 😝 it’s great and smells amazing! Cost £4.99 for a large bottle.


I also carnt live with out my tangle teaser it’s perfect for my hair I also use it everyday on my daughters hair as her hair is very curly! Something I now could not live without!  £10.99 I say it’s worth every penny.

 ( my dog attacked my tangle teezer)

When doing my make up and trying to be quick I normally take 15 minutes  to do this is normall for if an going to food shopping ect or I just look dead and need some colour 👻 

I don’t always use a primer. So my go to foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation oh I love this foundation a little at the prices range goes for £37 I love the texture and stays on really well I’m shade 4.

My everyday powder to set my foundation is Chanel – poudre universelle libre Natural Finish Loose Powder, oh this powder is amazing I do get a light shade which is 130 beige lumiere gives a gorgeous Matt finish and looks nautral. 

The bronzer I use is urban decay naked flushed it  is a 3 in one it has bronze, highlight and blush, I just mix it all together on a brush I used the shade streak. I just the love the shade on me it look more nautral for a day to day look. £23.50


My highlighter is anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in gleam the colours are amazing crushed pearl is my fav! I paid £38 


For my eyebrows I use anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in taupe I already have full big eyebrows so I only use to colour a little this is the first eyebrow product I have acctaly loved! £15.50

I always in my waterline do black , and all use any pencil as long as it’s black but atm I use revlon, I like this one as it acctaly stays on and dosnt smudge. £4.99

For mascara I use too faced better than sex, omg seriously best mascara ever!!! It lengthens and thickens and everything you need! £19.

For eyeshadow the palette I use most often is lunatics cosmetic lab supernatural eyeshadow. The colours are gorgeous 4 are Matt one is shimmer! Cost £22.95

And latest I use eos mint lip balm I suffer from chapped lips so this is perfect me I love the tingly feeling and the smell is lush! Cost £6.50 


I fell like all these product give me a more nautral look. An everyday I don’t want to look dead look. 💀😊

Laura Kate xxxx

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