Finding your foundation shade…

For years I was buying the wrong shade I was either going to light or to dark which was making me look orange. 

My foundations to date…

For me the best thing was going to a store and getting a match by a professional, which I did about 3 years ago. I went to debenhams to urban decay and got a match I use the naked skin weightless in 2.0.
I also went to MAC and in most of there face products I am NC15. 

When I wanted to buy other foundations that weren’t avilable in the uk I started to look about on the Internet I thought it was too much of risk to just guess on buy what I thought was the right colour and end up losing Β£30 or more! 

I really wanted the Katvond lock-it tattoo foundation so I found 3 websites that helped me by me inputting the shades I knew for defienit which was my Mac nc15 and urban decay 2.0. Then you can either choose the brand in particular your searching for or look at all the different brands there is to offer in your shade! 

So I was looking for katvond and my shade is light46 I took the risk and ordered it from Sephora it took about 2 weeks to get to the uk and it’s the perfect shade, I use 3 different websites as some have some brands and others have others it just depends but it’s the best thing I have done so I can broaden my foundation as there is loads I want that arnt available in the uk. 

Also I like to order makeup online am guilty of not bothering going to the shop to get a match everytime even for ones that are available in the uk πŸ™ˆ 

Here are the 3 websites 

Match my makeup
Here are some of my favourite foundations, Giorgio Armani luminous silk is my go to foundation atm for very day I am shade 4 and I matched my foundation by using one of the above websites and it’s a great match.


I am always in search for the perfect foundation and have just ordered the makeup forever – ultra HD stick just waiting for it arrive.

If you have any suggestions what other foundations to get please let me know ☺️. 

Laurakate xxxx

7 thoughts on “Finding your foundation shade…

  1. Do you prefer liquid foundation? If so, I highly recommend IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Skin But Better on If you like powder, their celebration foundation is awesome and even their Confidence in a Compact which is a serum foundation that provides exceptional coverage!

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