Hair transformation!

So for about 6 years now I have had a hair battle whenever I had a vision it never went right! I always wanted long blonde hair which I was nautrally but it wasn’t as blonde as I wanted it. Bleaching and hair extension runnied my hair 😩! Here are allot of photo that show my hair threw the years! 

Young me mabey 14 nautral hair..

18 years old and went dark I loved it at the time but got bored very fast and wanted to be blonde again! 

19 finally blonde but the bleach had damaged my hair …

Seen that fringe 😭 not a good look   Went for white hair and and this is also extensions as my hair all snapped of!
 Hair extensions you can see my nautral hair on the right side. I used to glue in my own hair extensions in strips using that dark grey glue that stink of fish it was discusting!! Took clumps out of my hair. 

 Age 21/22 can you see the state of them extensions compared to my nautral hair how the hell did I think it looked good! My nautral hair was literally a bob at this point and when it was wet it was like chewing gum. Bleaching your own hair with a box dye for years is not a good idea! 

23 I stopped bleaching my own hair started getting it done properly  but the hairdresser never listened to me she was a friend so felt loyallty towards her in the end I missed extensions so got them gluded in professional but they were crap and fucked my hair yet again. 

Age 24 was sick of my hairdressers as they never listened to me I asked for 2 inches of they chopped 8 😩 I cried for ages. I found a new hairdressers closer to were I lived called Jekyll and Hyde hairdressing in Sunderland uk I was so nervous and had a vision seems blonde wasn’t working for me anymore and ombré was in I decided to go for it and this was the result 

Omg I loved it and I think I suited been darker I was so happy a hairdresser finally listened to what I wanted… Later in the year I got a little braver and decided to do this ..

Teal!!!! Oh I love teal and still do best decision I made, I was also talking to my hairdresser and said I loved long hair she did extensions but she dosnt use glue or heat so the next week I got them in! 

My hair was not damaged at all with these extensions and acctaly grew I got out after 6 month then got a root stretch so my hair was a dark brown on top but mostly teal this picture shows how much my Hair grew in that time! 

The teal has faded as its only a semi but look at the growth! (Age 25 at this point) 

So I got my teal done again and more of the same extensions as my goal is to get my hair to the extension length so I don’t want them anymore I hope anyways this is what my hair is like now 

How it acctaly looks in daylight! 

Am so happy with my hair journey I have learnt from my mistakes I will never bleach my own hair again or glue in extensions! 

I will also make sure I speak up at the hairdressers if am not happy! 

It’s took a while to get here but as of now am teal and keeping it that way💙
Laura Kate xx

2 thoughts on “Hair transformation!

  1. The teal colour really suits you! I took my 4 year old son to the hairdresser last week and they butchered his hair. It seems common that some hairdressers dont listen to what the clients want. So annoying ☺

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