New purchases – Benefit 

I honestly don’t use benefit makeup I don’t know why mabey it’s the packaging it’s just never caught my attention, I do own there primer the pore fessional which I love you don’t need much of it and I feel it keeps my foundation on my skin for much longer! 

 Recently benefit caught my attention due to there pore fessional instant wipeouts which are basically a mask you can use on your nose chin forehead to clean out your pores. 

I have used it twice an oh my god they are strong I did the first one on my nose and my eyes watered so bad and my skin was stinging I thought i was having an allergic reaction …. But I wasn’t the smell and everything is just strong and refreshing it calmed down after 5 minutes and I kept it on for about 15 and felt very refreshed after, I havnt noticed my pores smaller or cleaner mabey you need to do it often. The second one I did was on my chin less stingy and eye watery but mabey that because it was further away from my eyes obv hopefully if I keep doing them I will notice a difference. 

  Sorry about the no makeup and it was like 2am I did this so tired!!!  

I also got the new pore fessional matte rescue, omg seriously one my best purchases!!!!!! Normallyi prime, foundation, powder and after an hour my nose goes patchy and looks dry even tho I have an oily nose, this amazing product saves my nose so I now use this gel , prime , foundation and then powder and my nose no longer gets patchy! I am happy can you tell 😝

I also purchased the erase paste but I’m yet to try anyone got this? I purchased the benefit roller lash I do like it but honestly to me the best mascara ever is too faced better than sex.

What I did like about shopping at benefit is the free samples I got loads which is really good who dosnt like free stuff, I got the potent eye cream which am excited to use as I suffer with dark circles under eyes 2 kids under 2 you other mothers know what I mean! 

I got a few of the eye lid primer I normall use urban decay but am going to try this one tomorrow. Also I got a few 3ml samples of pore fessional primer which is great because I do use this primer.

Am thinking I might go and get a few more things from benefit can anyone recommend some of there products? 

Till next time laura Kate xxx 

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